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Our Favorite Moments

The most common question we get nowadays is, “Where is your favorite place that you’ve been?” This is nearly impossible to answer as the scenery is so diverse and so beautiful. We loved the wide open spaces of Montana and Wyoming but we also loved traveling through the redwood forests of northern California – two completely different landscapes yet both incredibly stunning. I loved traveling along the Oregon coast, felt at peace while kayaking on a lake in Washington, and got excited by the sight of manatees in a river next to our campground in Florida. So, I still can’t say what my favorite place is.

Chris and I can, however, recall some of our favorite moments during our travels and so I’ve put together a list of links to certain blog entries that make us laugh,  appreciate the lessons we’ve learned through this journey, and/or remind us of how wonderful this experience has been (not that we need too much reminding…)

1) Here’s the entry that started it all:  You Want to do What?!?

2) My first solo attempt at emptying the gray and black tanks. (I am now a pro!):  I Can Smell Your Gray Water

3) This is a moment that Chris likes to remind me of every time I begin to worry or overreact (which, I’m afraid to confess, is frequently):
Paddle Harder

4) We loved our time in Canada and have a few favorite moments of our week there.  We enjoyed some wonderful kayaking and welcomed our friend, Hong, who joined us in Canada and continued with us on our travels for several weeks.  It was highly entertaining.
Canadians: A Hardy People

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce Hong Wang

5) We had limited time in Yellowstone but loved what we saw:
Oh, Give Me a Home…

6) And, the Grand Tetons are indeed Grand: Moose Sighting + Kayaking=Perfect Day

7) Our spontaneous, weather-driven, decision to visit Moab was fantastic!
94 Degrees and Sunny

8 ) No Airstream journey is complete without a trip to Jackson Center, OH to see where our home comes from: A Pilgrimage to Ohio. Yes, Ohio.

9) We’ve learned we don’t need (and can’t have) a lot “stuff” – this experience has been an eye-opening change of lifestyle.
Sewing Emergencies and Dry Skin Crises


10) We have learned to slow down.  Life in the Slow Lane.

11) Lastly, our most memorable moment during our Airstream adventure: the birth of our first child. Ma’am, Did You Know You Have a Baby in your Pants?

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