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Our Bios

IMG_5681In high school, Chris was nominated by his teachers for the Dreamers and Doers Award.  Fifteen years later, Chris is still dreaming and doing extraordinary things.  From organizing and executing an elaborate wedding proposal (if you haven’t heard the story – just ask – it’s pretty impressive) to selling all of our possessions and moving into an Airstream, his dreams and actions make for an adventurous, fun, spontaneous, and exciting life.

Interests: His amazing and beautiful wife (who is, coincidentally, the author of his bio), community service, travel, any and all outdoor activities, Hokie football, and trying to learn a musical interest (most recently, the guitar and now the ukulele).

Favorite TV Show(s): While claiming to dislike television, Chris secretly enjoys The Amazing Race and is easily sucked into any show on the Discovery Channel.

Favorite Movie(s): Chris despises many movies (particularly the mainstream Hollywood movies) but does enjoy documentaries, independent and foreign films.

Favorite Book(s):  Chris just recently took up reading and has found enjoyment in books on happiness (Stumbling on Happiness; The Geography of Bliss), biographies (The Last American Man), and self-help books (The Power of Less).

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan and any meal cooked by his incredible wife, Lani.

Best travel moment: Doing backflips at a school yard in Fiji – he became a celebrity with the children.

Worst travel moment: Crashing a scooter in Croatia and scarring Lani for life.

Goals for the Airstream Adventure: Meeting new people, learning to relax and enjoy life, and kayaking.


IMG_6368-1Lani was once told by a former boss that she has the patience of a saint.  For anyone who knows Chris knows that it takes a patient person to be married to him.  While she did not receive any awards for being a dreamer and a doer (shocking), Lani is almost always supportive of Chris’ big and crazy ideas.  In return, Chris is patient with her constant worries and panic attacks and ensures that she leads an adventure-filled life.  Together, Chris and Lani are a perfect team.

Interests: Spending time with her adventurous husband, reading (this includes books, blogs, and celebrity gossip), kayaking, Hokie football, and travel.

Favorite TV Show(s): Lani is easily sucked into almost anything on television.  Favorites include Amazing Race, The Office, and Parks & Recreation.  While in graduate school, Lani perfected the art of procrastination by spending Sunday afternoons watching marathons of bad reality shows instead of writing papers.  Hopefully, those days are behind her.

Favorite Movie(s): Lani loves all types of movies, including the mainstream Hollywood movies that Chris despises.  There are too many favorite movies to list here.

Favorite Book(s):  For the past three years, Lani has been reading public administration books for school.  While some of these were interesting, Lani is looking forward to some lighter reading.  Favorites include:  The Geography of Bliss, The Glass Lake, and Eat, Pray, Love.  She is easily sucked into mystery novels but also appreciates a good nonfiction too.  Any recommendations? Please share!

Favorite Food: Thai food (drunken noodle, mango with sticky rice); Indian food (Yum!) almost anything Italian, anything with chocolate, and all of mom’s cooking.  Yes, she loves to eat.

Best travel moment: She has two.  The first is spending time in Fiji and visiting with the locals in the villages.  The second is bike riding on the island of Sipan in Croatia.  Both of these moments were relaxing and inspiring.

Worst travel moment: Being tossed off a scooter and sliding across the pavement in Croatia was not a highlight of her travels.

Goals for the Airstream Adventure: Gaining confidence and trying new things, getting some use out of our kayaks, creating an entertaining and informative blog, and meeting new people and hearing their stories.


Emerson joined us on July 5, 2010.  She’s a true blessing and joy to have in our lives.  She has no idea what she’s in for with our constant traveling but hopefully she will love it.  We look forward to introducing her to all these beautiful places and sights.

Interests: Eating, sleeping (on her terms), smiling, being held.

Favorite Food: Emerson loves apples, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Peas, green beans, and avocado…not so much.

Goals for Airstream Adventure: Get to know these crazy people that keep getting all in her face asking her to smile and talking with high-pitched voices (a.k.a. mom and dad).  Learn to crawl, then walk, and explore this great country.




Buddy, an Italian Greyhound rescue, joined our family in January 2003.  His past is unknown but we suspect he was abused.  He is the most skittish dog ever, cowering at our every move.  His big eyes, however, will melt your heart and every now and then he will lay his head on your lap and for that moment feel at ease.  It’s always a proud moment.

Interests: Running,  barking, licking AJ in inappropriate places, and getting attention from his owners on his terms.

Favorite Food:  He’s a very picky eater but always appreciates cheese.

Goals for Airstream Adventure:  Never letting his owners out of his sight.

***Buddy passed away in February 2011. It was a very sad time for our family and we miss our little Bud. Rest in peace, Buddy.




AJ, another Italian Greyhound rescue, joined our family in 2004.  Unlike Buddy, AJ had no problems joining our family.  He made himself at home almost immediately, although he and Chris had some challenges at first.  AJ let it be known of his dislike of Chris by peeing on his clothes on numerous occasions.  They have since worked out their differences and today the two are best buds.   AJ is very accident prone and may have nine lives.  From tumors to bulging discs, he has been a costly dog but we love him anyway.  While he is approaching the old age of 13 and his body shows it, he still has the personality of a puppy.

Interests:  Scoping out the kitchen and finding creative ways to get to food, eating, drinking, eating, playing with stuffed animals, and eating.

Favorite food:  Anything will do, but he really loses his patience when lettuce, cheese, and peanut butter are in sight.

Goals for Airstream Adventure:  Try new foods, meet new dogs, and enjoy the comforts of the air-conditioned Airstream.

26 Responses to Our Bios

  1. jen

    Stop the presses!!! Did i just read that chris has taken up READING!!!! That is amazing! Probably more shocking,crazy,and surprising than him sellling all his stuff and living in an Airstream :) Way to go Big bro. This skill will come in handy in your Aluminum life!

  2. admin

    It’s true! I know it’s hard to believe. Now, if only he would read the Airstream Owner’s Manual, we’d be all set. :)

  3. Mom

    Great Bios – wonder who wrote them? Could it be the wonderful wife, Lani? Well done….

  4. Kimmie

    OMG Lani Bug….You forgot your most FAVORITE SHOW…Harpers Island!!!!!
    The puppers bios are the cutiest!!!
    Much love!

  5. dannie

    I think you have the blogging thing in hand. Definitely will be following you on your adventures. Love your four legged babies.

  6. admin

    Thanks Dannie! The dogs seem to be enjoying this adventure as much as we are! :)

  7. Christine Vohland Free

    So I finally got around to reading all of this and I have to echo the “You’re Doing What?!” sentiments of everyone else! WOW is all I can say! Sorry I missed you in California…any chance you’ll be coming through Nashville at any point? Hope all is going well on the road – it must be an INCREDIBLE adventure!

    Love, Christine

  8. The Barrys

    Thanks for following us on Twitter..we will be looking for your updates as well. This Airstream travel stuff is all it takes to get us remembering our first trailer pull. You make it happen with humor and patience.
    Bill & Barbara Camp Host US

  9. Lani

    Thanks for the comment. You’re right…patience and humor are essential to this journey. I look forward to hearing your updates and further exploring your blog re: camp hosting…something in which my husband and I are both interested.

  10. dan

    Glad to see that Croatia made the best and worst list for Lani. Marlene’s family is from Croatia and we have many best moments from our visits there. The worst moments, too many pivos to remember…

  11. Lani

    We had a fabulous time in Croatia! (with the exception of the scooter mishap!) Beautiful place!

  12. Hay Bale Happiness

    Hey there,

    Think what you guys are doing is awsome! Traveling this way will open your eyes and your mind to so many different things fantastic, and once the little one is here it will be the best education they can have. I did it for a year through South East Asia, Aussie and New Zealand, had the best time of my life.

    We have just given up the buy buy buy life of Dubai and moved outside of a village in Cyprus in search of a simpler life, that is how I found you by stumbling on Living A simple Life. I thought it was so cool that you went to visit them when you were passing by. Enjoy the journey and I shall look forward to following your adventures.

  13. My Bonus

    Im no expert, but I presume you just built an incredibly excellent place place. You definitely know what youre talking about, and I can definitely get behind that. Thanks for becoming so upfront and so truthful.

  14. Bark Off

    As a brand new dog owner I recognize the value of all the help and advice listed here. I would like my puppy to be well trained and have a healthful environment to live in. Thanks for the advice.

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    Not sure how I ended up here, but am glad I did – thanks.

  16. Bob Miller

    I recently spent a week in Santa Rosa Beach at the same campground were I saw you everyday. I admire your tenacity to remain mentally focused on your computer based what I assumed to be work whenever I would drive or walk by. I did at one point finally say hello and asked your baby’s name and age. The 2 of you were on the shuffle board court and I was the old man who asked her age and said she was really cute and must have learned to walk recently. When I was a teenager, my parents owned 3 new Airstreams, each a larger version. We were members of the Club and we displayed the membership number 1989 or some other 4 digit number. I personally towed 2 different Airstreams from Virginia to California first in 1968 and then again in 1969. While I now have a Motorhome and tow a Jeep, Iam still longing for a small Airsteam to tow behind the Jeep. Your story is amazing and I am so happy I looked you up by remembering the words Aluminum Bliss. Bob Miller

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  21. TheFunnyrats

    It was hilarious reading y’all’s bios. Chris sounds just like me, like documentaries, not a fan of what’s on TV except The Amazing Race (and I also am a sucker for Survivor). I also am a dreamer and I’m trying to make the Do-ing part work!

    My wife can get sucked into just about any show and loves to read. Also she puts up with my crazy ideas as well.

    We are both RVing dreamers, but we need to get out of some debt before we can really begin our adventure!

    Just wanted to stop in and say “hi”!


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