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We Found Nemo

Posted by on November 15, 2011


We are still in Atlanta. Okay, not really. But according the blog we are STILL in Atlanta. We’ve actually been in many fun places since and I will get to those posts. Next year. But for now…back to Hotlanta. The ATL. My old ‘hood.

P.S. The blog format is messed up. I know. I use BlogPress on iPad and it’s very buggy right now. So I had to use the WordPress app and I am not a fan. I’m probably using it wrong. But I couldn’t get my pictures to appear within the post. Does anyone know if you can position photos from the WordPress app? It’s driving me crazy.

So, yeah. Atlanta. It is rare that I actually spend time in Atlanta when we go see my family in Georgia. Chris commutes into the city daily for work but I usually stay out in the ‘burbs with the family. This visit, however, I made a point to go and check out some tourist attractions because blog entries about my daily trips to Publix probably wouldn’t be very exciting. (You’re welcome.)

Chris had a day off while we were there and while he would prefer outdoor activities on his day off, this particular day was rainy. So we came up with this genius idea that no one else would surely think to do on this gloomy day. The Georgia Aquarium. I love aquariums. And zoos. So I was giddy with excitement. Our brilliant idea was shared by only a few other thousand families. Also brilliant? Let’s all bring our SUV-sized strollers…because who doesn’t love navigating a crowded aquarium with a large stroller? (I swear when we bought our stroller it was the the non-SUV size. But I think it is growing.) Oh, and did I mention the stroller is empty? Because really, what child is going to quietly sit in their stroller when there are whales and sharks swimming around you? Whales and sharks, I say! I totally wouldn’t. Neither would my child. Nor many other children, apparently.

Thankfully, this is the world’s largest aquarium and can accommodate all these families and their empty strollers quite comfortably. (Also, the aquarium fully expects useless strollers as there is a stroller check area staffed by an aquarium employee…a fact I discovered at the end of our visit. Of course.)

Emerson loved the aquarium. She stood glued to the glass while colorful fish swam by her. There is a tunnel where the sharks swim overhead. A massive ceiling-to-floor viewing area of the beautiful Beluga whales. We saw otters, penguins, jellyfish, and we even found Nemo. (Although we had a hard time seeing Nemo because every child (and grown-up child… was trying to catch a glimpse. Nemo is popular.)

The penguin area offers a chance to crawl up into a glass viewing area that puts one right in the middle of the penguins. I had to keep an eye on our large, empty, totally unnecessary stroller, so only Chris and Emerson took advantage of this opportunity. I stood and waited to catch a glimpse of them appear in the glass when I heard the crowds laughing and shouting, “Oooooooh! As I turned to look to see what all the fuss was about, I saw Chris and Emerson peering out the glass, and Chris was smiling. Note to future penguin tunnel visitors: don’t try to stand all the way up in the glass viewing area. You will hit your head. It will be loud. People will laugh at you. Including your spouse.

As the day came to an end, the crowds began to dwindle. We were not in a hurry to get back out in the rain so we explored the aquarium twice. There is a conference room on the top floor that also provides a great look at the whales and sharks. Whales and sharks! I still get excited. By this point, Emerson was kind of over this whole “fish in glass” bit. But the space to run freely in this conference room? Hello! So we spent a good bit of time in a conference room while our daughter happily ran across the room and back six million times. She slept well that night.



6 Responses to We Found Nemo

  1. Mom

    I loved it!! Sorry I missed the penguin incident. However, your questions about apps, etc. were akin to a foreign language to me…..sorry I can’t help you…..I can’t manage an I-phone!!! Great entry!!! Wish you were still here….

  2. Mom

    Emerson has a beautiful profile!!!!!!

  3. Nicki

    Emerson is growing so much. I remember the stroller dilemma. If you don’t bring it you wished you had and if you do they don’t use it. Meanwhile, I think we need to add the Atlanta Aquarium to our list of places to visit. Great pictures!

  4. Manisha

    Fun! We have to get little Lotus Bud to an aquarium soon, especially now that it’s snowing up here. She loves penguins. The Atlanta Aquarium sounds really, really nice. Wish we could see the penguin exhibit. BTW, do you know where you will be around Christmas?

  5. Sonbol Blasko

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  6. Faith

    Thanks for sharing your visit there. I think I might go one of this days. I am missing looking at sea creatures swimming gracefully. I know this will be something really FUN!

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