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My Favorite Things

Posted by on September 24, 2011

Bluegrass music. Farmers’ markets. Hokies. Airstreams. Friendly people. Mountain views. These are a few of my favorite things. And, when I can have all of these things at once? Well, by golly, I turn into Julie Andrews and run around singing. Okay not really. But I should because wouldn’t life be even more awesome if it were like a musical? I think so. But I digress, as usual. So where can one find all of these wonderful things? Highland Haven Airstream Park in Copper Hill, Virginia, of course.

I wrote about this park last year. And since it was so awesome that visit, we returned again this year. And it did not disappoint. We spent a week there enjoying the company of other Airstreamers. The park has beautiful mountain views from every site. The folks we met there are so incredibly friendly and welcoming. It truly is a happy place.

After several weeks of really hot temperatures, this mountain retreat offered some cooler weather and a wonderful breeze. A breeze we thought would be strong enough to fly our kite. It wasn’t. I swear, this kite will not fly. Ever. But that didn’t stop me from singing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”. All. Day. Long.

We visited nearby Floyd, Virginia, home to some of the best live bluegrass music and a great farmer’s market. It’s a one stoplight town that comes to life on Friday nights when musicians gather for a bluegrass jam. It’s quite the sight. And sound.

We met up with Everett and Missy of Living a Simple Life and had the opportunity to meet their new and absolutely precious little boy. The last time we saw them I was in a seriously sleep deprived state with a newborn. I’m glad to know that my appearance and mental state did not scare them so much they never wanted to have children.

We visited our beloved Virginia Tech primarily so we could get a picture of Emerson on campus. No pressure on her or anything. (Future Hokie.) No, really, she can go anywhere she would like to go. (As long as it starts with “Virginia” and ends in “Tech.”) I kid. I kid. She will totally have our permission to go to any college. (In Blacksburg, Virginia.)

We also had the great pleasure to meet some fellow Airstream bloggers. When we arrived to Highland Haven there was a North Carolina rally taking place. Attending that rally was Jim and Debbie of Dreamstreamr. I’ve been following Jim and Debbie’s blog for awhile. Their blog includes some wonderfully useful tips for full-timing. It was very exciting to meet in person. We had a great time talking with them and seeing their Airstream…a 25 ft that somehow makes me 23 ft Airstream look so cramped. And dirty. They shared some great ideas with us and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit with them. Go check out their blog and say “Hi” to Jim and Debbie!

The week ended with a win…a shuffleboard win. Chris joined in on the shuffleboard tournament (because sometimes he likes to pretend he’s retired.) And, lo and behold, he and his teammate won! Highland Haven may never let us return since Chris, who was all “I’ve never played Shuffleboard,” won the game. (So typical.) But I hope they do let us come back…because shouldn’t there be a trophy for that win?

Happy trails!

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5 Responses to My Favorite Things

  1. Everett

    Lani I wish you and Chris and Emerson could have been here last weekend. We had a potluck at the new place with a bunch of Floyd folks that I’m sure would have loved to meet you all. Maybe some day one of your passings-thru will coincide with something like that.

    Congrats to Chris on his big win. Was the trophy a pair of checkered pants or a glass of prune juice? :-P

    Everett and Missy and Waylon (Now WE are the sleep deprived ones)

  2. Nicki

    I read this post when it first got put up but didn’t have time to leave a comment. I am really glad to see some posting again! It’s also nice to see how much Emerson is growing…. enjoy it!

  3. Lani

    Thanks, Nicki! I always appreciate your comments! I’m trying to post more. I have a lot of posts in my head. Just can’t seem to sit down and type them. ;-)

  4. Lani

    Hi Everett! Wish we could have been at the potluck. Maybe next time! Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the new home!

  5. Faye

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