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Kamping is Fun.

Posted by on September 2, 2011

Virginia Beach was not our only beach stop for our vacation. Originally the plan was to continue on to Chincoteague. I’ve always wanted to go to Chincoteague for the running of the wild ponies. It seems like such an amazing sight but I assumed it was at a different time of year. I was still set on seeing Chincoteague, with or without these wild ponies. So as we were preparing for our journey, I did a little research on where we could camp in Chincoteague. Lo and behold, we were going go be there during the big pony event. I am never this lucky!

Of course, this meant most campgrounds were totally booked. And, as I started to read about the event, I got way less excited. Standing outside for hours in the heat waiting to catch a glimpse of some horses? Hmmm…that might have worked a few years ago. Standing outside in the heat for hours. With. A. Toddler? Yeah, no. That’s not happening. So, change of plans. Those wild horses will have to wait.

Thankfully, our back-up plan was easy. My other, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to go there” place was the Outer Banks. And so we did. Without reservations. In the summer. On a weekend. Because that’s how we roll.

We arrived in Rodanthe where there seemed to be a number of campground options…except most were fully booked. Shocker! We were presented with two choices: KOA (holy expensive site, batman! (but with hookups and laundry)) or the national park campground (ahhh, cheap, beautiful, peaceful, and no hookups.) Seems like an easy choice, no? Yeah, no.

Two years ago the national park would have been the obvious choice. And even now we REALLY wanted that to work. But it was 100 degrees. And during the extreme hot temperatures and the mid-day sun, we needed a cooler place to retreat to with Emerson. With our fair skin, I don’t like to expose her or myself to that much sun. And, while not a major issue, she was wearing her last clean diaper and I desperately needed to do laundry. So we did it. We went with the expensive campsite at the KOA. And you know what? It was fun.

The beach in the mornings was beautiful, minus the somewhat large number of jellyfish. Ew. Emerson loved the two (that’s right, TWO!) playgrounds. They had some bouncy thing-a-ma-bob (technical term), that Chris thoroughly enjoyed, despite looks from the 8-year-olds wondering why this old man was jumping with them. And, the pool? Ah, the pool was the perfect temperature.

We were across the street from a kiteboarding area, a sport that fascinates me. Seriously, how do they not blow away? When I was in college, a friend handed me his umbrella to hold. It was one of those mega umbrellas that is supposed to withstand anything. It was windy. I nearly blew away like Mary Poppins. My friend had to hold me down. I was much smaller then. But I digress. My point? I don’t see kiteboarding in my future.

There was a pretty good restaurant nearby, too. Emerson liked it so much she peed on the floor. Twice. I won’t go into explaining how this happened (pssst…she has dumb parents.)

We only stayed two days but it was a lovely two days. And while one of my biggest pet peeves is when the letter K is used in place of the letter C, I’ll agree with KOA just this once and say “Kamping is Fun.”

Ugh. That was really difficult to type! Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone!

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Location:Outer Banks

5 Responses to Kamping is Fun.

  1. Nicki

    It’s funny how having kids on the road dictates what you can do and the places you stay. Work does that as well. We have dreams about staying in national parks and such. I’m glad you are posting again. Safe travels!

  2. Lani

    Thanks, Nicki! Yes, our travel style has changed a bit…but it’s worth it! Safe travels to you! I added your blog to my blog roll. Let me know if that’s not okay.

  3. Catherine Shaffer

    Hi! Great blog! We just bought our first airstream (1973 Overlander) and took a cross-country trip with it right away. What were we thinking? It was great, but everywhere we went it was hot and we found the heat really limited our options. We always needed that hookup! We were camping with two giant dogs instead of a toddler, but they are, if anything, more sensitive to the heat.

  4. Mom

    Great entry – great memories!!!

  5. Lanie

    Whooa! Sounds really good.
    I never had a chance to also do some camping , I only had it during out school activities for scouts. And everything really goes amazingly.

    Kindly cliquez ici to visit my blog.

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