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If You’re Happy and You Know It

Posted by on August 13, 2011

Chris works a lot. And, lately, he’s worked a whole lot. He’s slept very little and in those moments when he’s not working, he’s thinking about work. So I was thrilled when he announced that he was taking a week off. What would we do? So many options when one’s home has wheels.


Emerson doesn’t absolutely love auto travel. Would you if you were facing backwards and unable to see out the window? So our travel lately cannot be more than four hours. Anything more than that and we are all somewhat traumatized from the drive. Emerson from sheer boredom and us from the children’s songs CD that is on repeat or the numerous Yo Gabba Gabba YouTube video clips. After so many hours, none of us are too happy nor are we willing to clap our hands, stomp our feet or shout “hooray!”

So, where could we go in four hours from Staunton, Virginia? We had several options but we knew one thing: we were hot. Like the rest of the country, we were a sweaty mess. Since it seemed there was no escaping this heat wave, our decision was an easy one. To the beach we go!


In all my years in Virginia I have never been to Virginia Beach so we chose to spend the first part of our vacation there. First Landing State Park is a great state park located on the beach. It’s also Virginia’s most visited state park and getting a spot in the summer could be tricky. But we lucked out and were able to claim a site for our very own for three days.


We were just a short walk to the beautiful beach as well as a lovely hiking trail and playground. Emerson enjoyed sitting in the sand and playing in the water. But I think she loved the playground most. She experienced her first slide (with a lot of hand holding, of course) and would have been perfectly happy to go up and down the slide all. Day. Long. It was wonderful to see her having so much fun and be so playful. She was especially full of giggles this week.

The start of our vacation was excellent. The water was refreshing and relaxing. Our daughter was all smiles. And Chris was finally getting some much needed sleep. We were happy. Clap, clap. Stomp, stomp. Hooray!


P.S. Chris would be very disappointed in me if I did not announce that he purchased an iPad for me. The purchase was made about a month ago. He’s asked me every day if a blog entry was posted. My only excuse for not posting is that I had a lot of pinning to do on Pinterest (Hi, my name is Lani and I’m a pin-aholic). And, more importantly, there were these green pigs that needed to be destroyed by some angry birds. (Please know that I am not proud of this.) So, thank you, Chris, for my iPad. I love it! Now, excuse me, I’ve got some angry birds to fling…

3 Responses to If You’re Happy and You Know It

  1. Mom

    Clap Clap…stomp stomp…hooray!!! Great entry!!!!

  2. TakingToday

    Good entry. I will need to remember First Landing State Park when we go through there next year.

  3. Bhel

    Haha, I bet Chris really want us also to be updated about him, which is definitely something great.
    Wow, really cute baby seems that she’s afraid of those waves.

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