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The Blue Screen of Death

Posted by on June 26, 2011

Helllooooo out there! Remember me? Yes. I’m back. But only to explain why I’ve been missing. My lovely little Dell mini computer has been giving me the blue screen of death lately. The dreaded screen pops up about every five minutes and requires me to restart. It’s extremely frustrating. Chris attempted to reinstall stuff and solve the problems, but…yeah…that didn’t work. So I gave up on using it. All Internet-related tasks are done on my iPhone, which also seems to be struggling lately. So you see the problem, no?

I feel the only solution is for Chris to buy me an iPad. All in favor of this idea say, “aye.”

Until then, I will attempt updates on my phone. Happy Summer!


7 Responses to The Blue Screen of Death

  1. Leigh

    Aye! Or a cheapie dell laptop…

  2. Nicki

    iMac is the mostest loveliest laptop computer ever… but then I am biased. I’d miss the keyboard on the ipad. does that count as a vote?

  3. Manisha

    AYE!! BTW, what a lovely spot. Where are you now?

  4. Ben

    A quick and easy way to fix blue screen errors caused by bad drivers is to roll the computer back to an earlier time in its software history. In Win 7, it’s called “system restore” and its under the “system and security” tab, then “action center” in control panel.

  5. Jim and Deb

    Lani, get Mac and iPad both, or just Mac,but not just iPad, imho. Our Dell was eaten alive by virii sixteen months ago. Bought a mMacbook and love it but learned it does not do windows things unless we pay for and operated windows on it Rebuilt the Dell dor hm radio stuff and Quicken aNd it lasted until two weeks ago and locked up terminally. We bought a 14″ HP for under $400 and are well pleased. Can show yiuu Mac, HP, and iPad iaf you are near Va HH.

    sent frm my iPad

  6. Myrna

    I am sorry that it happened.
    Well, I also encountered about that before but I am lucky that until now its working.
    Its good that you had a new Ipad.

    Kindly visit my website, please cliquez ici.

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