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The Bliss is Back

Posted by on May 5, 2011

The gibbons put on quite a show at the zoo. They were my favorite.

Our little winter hiatus has come to an end and the Bliss is back on the road. Our time in Florida was good to us. Chris nagged me often to update the blog but what do you say on a travel blog when you aren’t traveling? I assumed people didn’t want to read about my stationary life.  But, if you’d like a recap of our winter, here it is…

Emerson and I enjoyed weekly visits to the Lowry Park zoo where we stared in awe at the gibbons as they would swing effortlessly from rope to rope.  We squealed at the icky snakes as they slithered around in their glass boxes (Okay, I squealed. She didn’t seem care.)  And, we were hypnotized by the graceful movements of the large manatees. It is a beautiful zoo and we (I) thoroughly enjoyed walking around and being among other moms with strollers.

Me and my little pirate at Gasparilla

We also participated in weekly Gymboree classes so Emerson could be with other babies, eat the class handouts, pull other childrens’ hair, and chew on the teacher’s flash cards/musical instruments/and any other object that could fit into her mouth. We took a sign language class and it would probably work except Chris keeps making up his own signs and confusing our child.

We had the pleasure of meeting up with another full-time Airstream family, Shiny Camper.  Mat, Lisa and Simon hit the road in September 2010.  They were staying at a nearby RV park so we were able to meet up with them often. It was so nice to talk with another traveling family and share our stories. Check out their blog for some fantastic photos and accounts of their travels.

That? Oh, that's just a Buff Laced Bearded Frizzle at the Florida State Fair.

For the third year in a row, we attended Gasparilla. This time, we brought our little pirate along. She was a hit with the drunken college students.

In February, we went to the Florida State Fair. Remember our account of the Strawberry Festival? It’s also a good account of the State Fair. A variety of fried foods, pig races, an exhibition hall that has every “As Seen On TV” product you could possibly imagine, annoying men yelling that they can guess my age and weight, and my favorite, the display of chickens.  No, really, I do like the display of chickens. There are some fascinating looking chickens out there. State fairs are always a good time!

A day at the beach.

We had a lovely afternoon at Honeymoon Island State Park. It was a beautiful day and this was Emerson’s first visit to the beach. Dipping her toes into the water was much more successful here than in the cold waters of Walden Pond. My little girl is growing up. *tear*

And, of course, during this hiatus, we had the joy of witnessing several developmental milestones in Emerson’s life: rolling over, crawling, standing, eight teeth (ouch!), and lots of babbling, cooing, smiles and laughter. It’s amazing how much she has grown.

"Come on! Let's go!!!"

With the weather warming up north of Florida, we decided it was time to hit the road. The Airstream has been baby-proofed and Emerson has explored every little nook and cranny it has to offer. Her favorites? The screened door and that oh-so-tempting blinking green light on the LP Gas Detector. She’s managed to take over our bedroom with her travel crib so Chris and I now sleep in the guest bedroom/dining room/office/living room. Our dog, AJ, is still trying to figure out where he sleeps, but most often, I wake up to find him sharing my pillow. It’s working. And, as I write this, Emerson is taking her first nap in her travel crib. Yep…the Bliss is back.

10 Responses to The Bliss is Back

  1. Nicki

    It is so nice to hear you are back on the road!d It also sounds like you are adjusting to life as a new mommy. It does get better!

  2. marlene

    Welcome back!!!!! Just wait until she can reach that sliding portion of the screen door. Oh man, Mila opens and closes that thing all day long.

  3. Melissa Hoy

    I am looking forward to reading about all your new adventures!

  4. Mom

    Good entry – love the pics!!!

  5. Everett

    WOW Emerson is getting big! I’m going to be a dad next month so I’m getting a little baby crazy. But I’m nothing compared to Missy. She’s a baby lunatic!

    Did you read that we’re selling and moving to Floyd? Yep… IF we can sell in this market.

    Happy travels!


  6. Fred

    Don’t assume we don’t look forward to regular updates even when you’re not travelling!

  7. Manisha

    Awesome!! You all are back on the road. Emerson is so big and so beautiful! Lotus Bud has taken over the back of our Airstream, but then we’ve mostly always slept up front. We had to search hard for a portable crib-thingy that would fit between the two twin beds. Did you have to so something to baby proof the door? That’s our next job, right now we just put heavy objects in front of it which make for interesting entries for the big people. Can’t wait to read about your next adventure! Still thinking of coming up to MN? It’s been so cold up here (still!) that I wouldn’t be surprised if you decided against it. Summer has to come sometime, right? Oh, Lani, I was so happy to see this post!!!

  8. Ben

    The daddy in me says, “Better check out that blinking green light!” Blinking may indicate some sort of error. Mine doesn’t blink.

  9. Lora

    Wow~ I’m jealous. I bet its so much fun.
    By the way, your little angel is just soooooo adorable. Love looking at her.

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