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Highland Heaven…er…Haven

Posted by on January 28, 2011

Our campsite at Highland Haven

After my meltdown at the old mental institution (hmmm…coincidence?), we continued our journey southward. We didn’t have to travel far, though. Our next destination was only a few hours away.  It was a campground that we had wanted to stay at since we first got on the road. But, every time we made plans to stay there, it didn’t work out. Not this time.  Nope. This time, we were on our way!

Imagine a campground surrounded by an apple orchard.

Where your fellow campers greet you with waves as you drive in.

Where you can get a full-hookup site with mountain views for $25/night. (And, where they have specials so if you pay for 3 nights, you get the 4th night free!)

Sunset views from the campsite

Where homemade rhubarb and strawberry cobbler is served warm (with ice cream, of course) at the club house. And, to wash that tasty dessert down is homemade, just pressed, apple cider.

Where the women offer to hold your baby so that you can sit and enjoy said cobbler and ice cream.

Where the clubhouse has fabulous rocking chairs and a well-stocked library.

Where, upon asking if a late checkout was possible, the campground hosts shrug their shoulders and say, “take all the time you need.”

Where every night you are treated to amazing sunset views.

And, where all of your friendly neighbors understand the Airstream life — because they are all Airstream owners, too.  (And, for one night, our neighbors were Postmodern Hippies. We love meeting other bloggers!)

Our Virginia Tech family the dark.

Is this heaven, you ask? No, silly! It’s Highland Haven Airstream Park near Floyd, Virginia. And, for one week, it gave me the peace that I needed at that moment in my life.

Emerson and I spent many hours in the clubhouse that week.  We sat in the rocking chair – I’d read a book while she napped on my chest.  We spent some time in our former hometown, Blacksburg, Virginia, catching up with friends and eating at our favorite restaurants.  And, of course, we took our first family picture at Virginia Tech. Go Hokies! It was a very nice week, full of great memories. And, more importantly, no tears.

8 Responses to Highland Heaven…er…Haven

  1. Mom

    Great entry and love the picture!!

  2. Webtrippin

    Thanks for turning us on to Highland Haven, looks great! What was the weather like?

  3. Lani

    Thanks for the comment. We were there in early October. It was unusually cold that week. Their season runs from May to October. Definitely check it out!

  4. Nicki

    Wow! That looks like a great place. I am glad to read you got some much needed peace.

  5. Vegetable Assassin

    Well seems I was wrong. There IS a heaven. I want to LIVE there. Especially if they have fruit cobbler and ice cream. And a view. And surrounded by Airstreams. Plural. I swear I can hear the Hallelujah Chorus right now. :)

  6. Valynne

    I’m with Vegetable Assassin! Lani, I want an Airstream so bad *sigh* Not sure how to convince my sig other on this one…although he does seem interested at the idea. I see more and more ads for sits specifying that there are indeed hook-ups on the property…Anyway, wanted you to know I continue to enjoy your posts and am relieved that you still write, even with your busy new momma schedule. We are in TN now (Signal Mountain) and I am going to look up Highland Haven and show Paul : )

  7. Manisha

    So appropriately named! Sounds definitely like a haven! I love the new look to you blog!

  8. Vina

    25$ is not a bad deal for a night.
    Wow~ I am really envy that you saw that amazing sun set.
    I don’t know, but I feel really inlove when I see the color of the sun setting down.

    Kindly visit my website, please click here.

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