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Live Free or Die

Posted by on November 18, 2010

We ran into Mary the Midwife at the most random times. This picture was taken at a local farmstand.

While our farmstay marked the end of our time in New Hampshire, there are a few odds and ends I’d like to share and a few more people I’d like to thank.

Being in New England for the birth of our first child was fabulous. We met some amazing people, had a special birth experience with a truly wonderful midwife, and have pictures, stories, and memories to last a lifetime. I look forward to sharing these stories and pictures with Emerson and returning to the area in the future to show her all of the sights and hopefully reconnect with our new friends.

We were really overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness of the people we met.  I feel like I’ve gone on and on about this but it’s just so nice to know that the world is still full of love and kindness.  It’s easy to forget about this when you watch or read the news. So, I just have a few more lovey-dovey, happy stories and then I shall return to my old sarcastic, fear everything, mind my own business ways. Maybe. Or, perhaps I’ll just become that person that stands in a crowded public place with a sign offering free hugs.  Because, really, what the world needs now is love, sweet love.

The very lovely Emerson modeling her "Airstream Baby" onesie. Based on that adorable smile, I think she likes it!

You may recall my story of Frank, the man (and fellow Airstream owner) we met on our very first day in Keene.  We kept in touch with Frank via e-mail and he was kind enough to stop by our campground early in the summer to chat for awhile. During our last week in New Hampshire while we were staying at the farm, I was driving down one of the main roads trying desperately to get Emerson to take a nap.  I pulled over at a gas station to take a phone call when a van pulled up alongside of me. At first I just noticed the van and not the person and having watched too many episodes of “Criminal Minds”, I must confess that I panicked for a brief second.  But, then, I looked over to the driver window and there sitting next to me was Frank.  Waving.

We chatted briefly and he invited us to his cottage on the lake later that week.  So, it was very appropriate that on our last night in New Hampshire, we met up with Frank, our first New Hampshire friend, at his place.  We shared stories, got a tour of his Scotty trailer (awesome!), and enjoyed the views of Spofford Lake. It was a lovely evening. A big thanks to Frank for sharing our first and last days of our time in New Hampshire! We look forward to seeing you again.

Check out that grass! Tomorrow I shall start making my plans to open up my own cake company. Can I use box mixes? (Thank you, Chelsea!!!)

We received another nice surprise upon our final return to New Hampshire. Having traveled for several weeks meant we returned to a P.O. Box overloaded with mail, including a few gifts for Emerson. One gift in particular was from someone I’ve never met in person but we’ve exchanged emails, commented on each other’s blog, and developed an online friendship. Lotus made two onesies for Emerson – one that says “Airstream Baby” and the other says “Aluminum Bliss.” Chris and I were touched by her thoughtfulness.  Through her blog and emails, she has provided to me a lot of encouragement and positive thoughts during my pregnancy and first months as a new mom. So, to Lotus, thank you! We love the onesies!

Our blissful family. So long New Hampshire! Thanks for everything!

Lastly, while I’ve already told you about our farmstay, I neglected to share the lesson that I received while staying there.  Chelsea (the daughter) is a super-talented pastry chef. She makes incredible cakes. She was kind enough to make a cake for us to share with our birth class at our reunion.  She was also gracious enough to teach me how to work with fondant.  We wanted the cake to represent us and our lifestyle so obviously an Airstream cake was in order. It was amazing and delicious! The Airstream cake included four little babies to represent each of the babies in our class.  Chelsea, you rock! My only contribution to the cake was the grass.  But, it’s awesome grass, right? Look out Ace of Cakes…

So, there you have it. Our final odds and ends from our summer.  So long, Vermont! Goodbye New Hampshire! See ya later, Maine! Our last stop is Boston before making our way south. It’s September and while the leaves are pretty and all and I know that we haven’t reached the peak colors yet and New England is THE place to be at this time, blah, blah, blah… it’s getting way too chilly for me. It’s time for these snowbirds to go south!

4 Responses to Live Free or Die

  1. Frankie

    After the last 2 Blog entries —– You will be singing the Green Acres theme song — as you roll down the highway ——–

  2. Nicki

    I am already singing Green Acres for her! And I think it might be stuck in my head….AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. Manisha

    Thanks Lani! I think Emerson looks great in that onesie. I’ll be making more sometime soon so I hope you will be getting another PO Box. I hope you know that I am grateful for your encouragement as well. It was fun to share the pregnancy experience with you even though we’ve never met in person. Hopefully we’ll get to introduce our daughters to each other someday.

    And you’re right – the grass is totally awesome!

  4. Nicole

    I am so glad you guys are still living the airstream dream! What wonderful experiences you have had, memories that will last a life time. I will continue to live vicariously through you.


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