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Dreams DO Come True

Posted by on September 12, 2010

Camden Harbor

Since high school, (a long long time ago) I’ve had a dream of living in Maine.  I used to study my parents’ AAA tour guide book on Maine. (And, why yes, I did have a big “L” on my forehead, why do you ask?) I was fascinated with the quintessential small coastal New England towns and was sure I was supposed to living there rather than the Chicago suburb in which I resided.  My dream consisted of this: I’m a writer working on a fabulous mystery novel.  I work out of my lovely coastal home with incredible ocean views.  Life is perfect. Does this sound familiar? Apparently, lots of people have a similar Maine dream.

Well, at the age of 33, I am pleased to announce that this dream came true.  Sort of. We spent the last two weeks in Maine.  My lovely coastal home with stunning ocean views was actually my Airstream parked at Camden Hills State Park.  Across the street was a trail that went down to the rugged shore and if I stood in my neighbor’s campsite, I could catch a glimpse of the water.  And, the fabulous mystery novel was actually my blog.  So, it’s a bit of a stretch, right? Well, I say it counts.

View of Camden from atop Mt. Battie

We had a lovely two weeks.  Emerson and I spent several days roaming the cute downtown streets of Camden and Belfast.  We walked the shoreline trail at Camden Hills State Park.  We did laundry.  Lots of laundry.  And, during Emerson’s naps, I worked on my blog, sipped my decaf coffee, and thought, “Wow! I’m in Maine.”

Camden is a huge tourist destination in Maine and the streets were often crowded with cars and pedestrians.  The shops are quaint and filled with lobster t-shirts, lobster books, lobster stuffed animals, and fudge–not lobster flavored although it wouldn’t surprise me.  Many of the restaurants have patios overlooking the scenic harbor where many large ships offer sailing trips around the harbor and to nearby islands.

A trail to the shoreline at Camden Hills State Park

The state park is about a mile north of town, just past the beautiful historic homes and B & Bs.  The campground has water and electric hookups, awesome free Wi-Fi, and clean restrooms. While a bit pricier than any other state park we have stayed at ($37/night), you couldn’t beat the location and views.  We were fortunate enough to snag an non-reservable site so we were able to stay for up to fourteen days without a reservation. It was fabulous!

I read that the park is referred to as the little Acadia National Park for its numerous miles of trails and spectacular views from atop Mt. Battie, where you get a great look at Camden Harbor and the surrounding islands.  The peak is accessible by both car and foot and definitely should not be missed.  The trail down to the shoreline is an easy hike and one that I made often with Emerson in her baby carrier.  We walked along the trail, listening to the waves crash onto the shore, and every now and then sat on a bench watching the ships sail into the harbor. It was a peaceful and beautiful sight.

Chris' office view in Camden.

After Emerson and I completed our tour of Camden, we drove north to Belfast.  While Belfast is also a popular tourist destination, there is less hustle and bustle compared to Camden. It has some great shops and galleries and a wonderful Co-op.  I actually enjoyed downtown Belfast more than Camden although this may attributed to my delicious gelato from Scoops that I had in Belfast. (Did you think I would pass up gelato?) In any case, neither town should be missed!

We had a wonderful two weeks and I still have more to share but I’ll save it for the next entry.  Hmmm…in the meantime, now that my Maine dream is complete, I’ll need to focus my attention on my next dream: Olympic figure skating gold medalist.  This might be tricky given my age and inability to ice skate but those are minor details, people.  Minor details!

9 Responses to Dreams DO Come True

  1. Bama5150

    Great blog entry. We are planning on a June 2011 trip into the Northeastern states with Maine being the focus. So this is quite timely and will help in our planning.

  2. Mom

    I am glad you are fulfilling some of your dreams – I’m still waiting for mine…someday!!!!! Great entry – looking forward to that entry that is written in the City of Gold in Georgia!!!

  3. Valynne

    First of all, I have to say I love the new look! Secondly, I am still jealous of you and your Airstream life : ) Not THAT jealous, as we just got back from a month long road trip across 25 states, mind you…but still a little jealous as I have not sold Paul on the ‘Airstream Life’ just yet. I did, however, show Paul the pic of the hubsters office view and I could tell he thought that was super cool (baby steps). So happy to hear you are loving Maine! We are in Provincetown (Cape Cod) for the month of October then off to TN for a six month sit…will continue to enjoy your blog from wherever we are : )

  4. Freely Living Life

    Not a stretch at all! You ARE living your dream and that is amazing. =)

    We haven’t made it to Maine but it certainly is on our list of places to see. The Camden Hills State Park looks so peaceful.

    Thanks for taking us along with you!


  5. Lani

    Thanks, Valynne! The tent office works great for Chris…except on days when the temperature is 99 degrees! But he enjoys working outside and getting some fresh air. We will be in Boston next week — looking forward to getting back to my old neighborhood in Cambridge.

  6. Lani

    Bama, glad it’s helpful. There is so much to see and do in Maine! We had a great time!

  7. Lani

    Thanks for the comment, Freely Living Life! Hope all is well!

  8. Manisha

    This description of Maine is so lovely. What a great experience for you and Emerson to be walking to the ocean every day. Just imagine how thrilled she will be to read your blog when she gets older. Sounds you are having a great end to summer!

  9. Vegetable Assassin

    You know I’ve heard that Olympic level figure skating can be achieved by consuming a sizable amount of vodka over the period of two hours then getting on the ice – any ice. If you’re like me, you’ll pull some moves not even a gold medalist can possibly pull off! Of course, as you are breastfeeding, this might be left until Emerson is old enough to eat solids….

    Or better still, never at all! :)

    P.S. Maine looks beautiful. I am green with envy.

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