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500 Calories

Posted by on August 25, 2010

This is why I find ice cream tasty.

Did you know that while a woman is breastfeeding she is supposed to consume an additional 500 calories in her diet? This is 200 calories more than a woman should consume during pregnancy.  This makes me happy.  I’m going to assume that whoever came up with these numbers expected those extra calories to be in the form of ice cream.  Who’s with me? Anyone? Anyone?  I suspect my good friends Ben and Jerry would support my assumption.  So, I paid them a visit last weekend.

We arrived in Burlington, Vermont and had some time to spare before checking into our campground so I proposed to Chris that we take in the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Tour.  In previous trips to the area, we had always passed right by the factory, which I consider a form of punishment.

Why, yes. Ice cream does make me very happy!

Being lactose intolerant, Chris doesn’t eat ice cream, doesn’t like it, and had no interest in seeing this factory.  But, clearly he loves me because for this trip to Burlington, he endured the nearly one hour of learning about the history of the chunky, delicious ice cream, the sample tasting, and the walk through the retired flavor graveyard.

The tour mainly consists of a video and since we were there on a Sunday, the factory wasn’t in operation. Bummer! But, the video was interesting and we were able to see the factory floor from an observation booth and learn about the ice cream making process.  We also learned that employees get to take home three pints a day. THREE! That’s 15 pints of ice cream a week! Sheesh! If I worked there, I would need a bigger Airstream.

The graveyard was full of retired flavors. Some popular. Others...not so much.

After that, came the moment every person on the tour was waiting for: the samples.  Yes, we all paid $3 for the tour but what we really paid for was the “free” sample.  Whatever. It was totally worth it. The day’s sample was a chocolate caramel chunk and I devoured my sample and Chris’ sample. And, I just realized I should have gotten a sample for Emerson and eaten that one, too.  Next time.

Once I consumed all those extra (and, necessary) calories, we walked to the ice cream graveyard to pay our respects to those flavors that were no longer in existence.  R.I.P. Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz.

It was a delightful tour and I  can finally check this off my “To Do” list.  Now, where are my stretchy, maternity pants? These jeans feel tight…

6 Responses to 500 Calories

  1. Nicki

    Yum…yum…yum… I think I might add that to my to do list!

  2. Mom

    I must admit, I would commit my 500 calories to either the Jelly Bean Outlet or the Chocolate factory (love that Willy Wonka). But….your trip to the Ben & Jerry Factory sounded like fun!

  3. Ben

    I’m glad your blogging again. I enjoy reading your posts. You are a talented writer. Congratulations on your new life with Emerson.

  4. Freely Living Life

    Hurray for ice cream! Glad you got out to experience the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Tour!

    I’m certain that little Emerson enjoyed the samples just as much as Mommy did! :P

    Have a fantastic day!!

  5. Lani

    Ben, thanks for the kind words. It means a lot!

    Freely Living Life, Emerson DID enjoy the ice cream! :)

    Mom, while Ben & Jerry’s is excellent, your milkshakes are still my favorite!!

    Nicki, definitely add it to your list. Actually, Burlington and its surrounding areas are really great. Highly recommend the region.

  6. Nicole

    Hey, its Nicole from Tampa Bay! I was just getting caught up on your entries this morning. I am so jealous…I LOVE Ben and Jerry’s. I scour the weekly circulars to see if any of the grocery stores have any bogo deals on Ben and Jerry’s. Luckily two grocery stores were trading off for a month (one would have it one week, the other would have it the next week, etc) and I got the coveted Ben and Jerry’s bogo for a month! The few extra pounds were so worth it!!!

    Thank you so much for telling us about your travels and how having Emerson has impacted them! You visit such wonderful places and meet such wonderful people. The gift for Emerson from the librarian almost brought tears to my eyes. Those are memories you can never put a price on.

    My daughter absolutely hated her car seat. I had to pull over several times in her infancy because she had worked herself up so much that she actually stopped breathing. And you know what her doctor said when I brought up how concerned I was about how much she cried and her blood curdling screams?!?!? In his Puerto Rican accent (which my husband still doesn’t understand), “She has healthy lungs, maybe she will be a singer”. Thanks doc!! Fortunately she did out grow it and she actually does sing a lot now.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I really enjoy reading your blog, about your family and your traveling experiences. Many blessings and many happy adventures!


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