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Our Hall of Fame of Wonderful People

Posted by on August 24, 2010

The Stratton Free Library in Swanzey, NHWe’ve been fortunate enough to see some pretty incredible sights while on our Airstream journey.  Sometimes, I look at our pictures and continue to be amazed at the places we’ve been.  For several places, however, it is not just the scenery that makes the memory so special.  Oftentimes, the wonderful memories are of the people we met while there.  We refer to our “Hall of Fame” often as we recall these individuals that have touched and inspired our lives.

We had the pleasure of meeting some truly awesome people while we lived in New Hampshire and Vermont this summer. Excluding our campground owners, of course, we felt incredibly welcomed into the community. I’ve highlighted a few of those individuals in previous entries (Yep, that includes you, Frank!) and I’d like to take an opportunity to highlight another person that overwhelmed us with her generosity.

When we first settled into our campground, one of the first things we did was visit the local library (which was just minutes from our campground.)  It was a tiny but beautiful historic building and we were both anxious to check it out.  I love libraries. Sometimes (okay, daily)  I wonder why I did not go to graduate school for library science. It’s a field that would fit me perfectly. I’m quiet (except when in labor), I love research, I love books.  See? Perfectly! But, I didn’t go that route for unknown reasons and it baffles me often. Ah, but I will not digress into the discussion of “The career path Lani should have taken….”

Showing Emerson all the great books.

So, Chris and I visited the Stratton Free Library soon after we settled in the area. Since we weren’t residents, I knew we couldn’t qualify for a library card but I thought I’d ask the librarian anyway. It seemed such a shame to be this close to a library for several months and not be able to take advantage of its services.  I explained our situation to Carol, the librarian, and she immediately emailed the Board of Trustees to see if we could be granted a temporary card.  She saw no problem with it but had to get permission from the Board.

We returned a few days later (this little library is only open 3 days a week) and Carol informed us that we could have a library card. Yippee! We took full advantage of it. We checked out books and movies and enjoyed our conversations with Carol throughout our time there.

Of course, when the baby came along my time for reading suddenly disappeared but we continued to visit the library to check out movies. We were proud to introduce Emerson to Carol and happy that this friendly little library would be the site for Emerson’s first library visit!

Carol, Emerson, and Chris

On one of my last trips to the library, I was returning a movie (embarrassingly, it was overdue…maybe I should rethink being a librarian?), and Carol had a gift for Emerson. In a small bag was a book about animals that was perfect for a baby, a beautifully knitted washcloth, and a personalized letter to Emerson on the library’s letterhead telling of her first visit to the library.  I almost cried. My daughter’s first library visit has been documented by the librarian in a beautifully written letter. How awesome is that?

So, Carol the librarian rocks.  We went back for a visit after we had left the campground and regretfully informed Carol that we were no longer in the area. We took some pictures, said our goodbyes, and thanked Carol once again for being so awesome and making us feel so welcomed.  While I have no intentions of returning to the campground (and the owners probably wouldn’t let me back on the property), I do look forward to returning to the library when Emerson is older and sharing with her the fond memories.

Thanks, Carol!

7 Responses to Our Hall of Fame of Wonderful People

  1. Mom

    Emmy’s first trip to the library – awesome! Great entry and it sorta makes you forget the campground…..

  2. DogpackMOMMA

    What a treasured story about Emerson’s first library visit. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Melissa

    Now I’M crying! Love this post.

  4. marlene

    love this post :)

  5. Donna Conover

    I too have not been able to figure out why I didn’t study library science being the library junkie that I am. I spent this summer on an island in Alaska and when I found out that the tiny local library allowed temporary cards, it was like Christmas! I was going through bibliowithdrawal…..

  6. Carol Haley

    This was overwhelming praise and I almost cried when I read Lani’s very kind words. I never expected to be in a hall-of-fame. I look forward to your return visit. Thanks for being so kind to me.

  7. girls toms

    I am really delighted to read this weblog posts which Our Hall of Fame of Wonderful People | Aluminum Bliss contains tons of helpful information, thanks for providing these kinds of statistics.

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