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Another reason why I love my Airstream…

Posted by on May 18, 2010

Our lovely home at the Brattleboro KOA in Brattleboro, Vermont.

It’s obviously no surprise that Chris and I love our Airstream.  As you’ve seen in previous entries, we can’t seem to take enough pictures of our shiny home.  We wear Airstream shirts.  Listen to songs about Airstreams.  We made the pilgrimage to the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, Ohio last year simply so we could take the tour.  Yes, we love our Airstream.

I also really love the Airstream community.  Where do I turn when I have an Airstream-related question?  Why, Airforums, of course! I love how when we are driving down the highway and see another Airstream, we each blink our lights and wave furiously at one another.  Our wonderful aluminum abode is a great conversation starter in campgrounds, especially with other Airstreamers.  Yes, I love the Airstream community.  And, I was reminded once again of how much I love this community on my first day in my new, yet somewhat temporary, hometown.

We arrived in New Hampshire super late on Saturday night.  We found a Wal-Mart parking lot and got a good night’s rest in preparation for our first childbirth class the next day.

And another picture of our shiny home.... You know, just in case you missed it the first hundred times.

I was really nervous about going to the childbirth class.  And, since we had not found a campground, we had to tow our Airstream to the birthing center.  Would the other parents-to-be think we were freaks? Would we find parking? Had I made the right decision by choosing New Hampshire as my new temporary home? Should I have read some birthing books prior to this class? Oh, the thoughts that went through my head as we pulled up to the birth center.  My nervous ways were in full force.  I wanted to vomit.

We parked next to the birth center in an empty parking lot, the only place we could fit.  As I stepped out and began the walk to the center, a truck pulled into the parking lot and the driver was looking right at us.  I was sure the man in the truck was going to tell us that we couldn’t park there.  I was ready to beg and explain that we wouldn’t be parked there for long.  The tears were ready to flow.  But, no.  This kind man in the truck was not there to punish us or demand us to move.  Instead, he pulled up, turned off his engine and immediately introduced himself.  He, too, has an Airstream as well as another vintage trailer and was ready to chat!  With great sadness, we had to cut the conversation short to attend class but not without exchanging information.  He seemed excited to learn that we were in the area for awhile and later emailed us about some camping events coming up in the region and sights we should make sure to see.  Just this brief conversation made my day.  The first official person to welcome us to the area was a fellow Airstreamer.  He took the time to pull over simply to talk about Airstreams and camping. How cool is that? So, to Frank, thank you for welcoming us to the community.  Thank you for being so friendly! It made my day!

The view from our KOA campsite: Walker Farm. This is one amazing farm with a fabulous farmstand.

I went on to class feeling better.  I think I’m going to enjoy New Hampshire.  Class was fine.  If we are freaks, the other parents did not seem to relay that opinion to us.  In fact, they were intrigued with our lifestyle and had lots of questions.  Some even stayed for a tour of the Airstream after class! See? Once again, theAirstream is a great conversation starter.

Feeling positive, we set off afterwards to search for a campground. Our choices were limited since many campgrounds had not opened for the season.  Limited choices means making a quicker decision.  There were two campgrounds to choose from and the first one we drove by, well…we kept driving.  It was special.  And, not in a good way.  That left us with the Brattleboro KOA.  It had good reviews on RV Park Reviews so I was feeling pretty optimistic.

This was our first KOA experience.  I know…you may be thinking, “What!?! How can you travel all over the country and not stay at a KOA?”  It’s true.  We had not yet stayed at one.  The ones we did stop at or look up online were really expensive compared to the local park and we always chose the public park options.

Okay...last picture of the Airstream...for this entry.

The Brattleboro KOA was awesome. The price was right.  The location was right.  The facilities were clean. The owners were super nice. And, the sites were lovely.  The KOA was our home for the first two weeks of our New England experience and I have only positive things to say about this park.  For Mother’s Day, the owner left flowers at our door.  How nice is that?

We’ve since left the KOA, with sadness, to check out another campground that is very close to the birth center (a feature I feel is important to consider since we are always late to EVERYTHING and I could totally see us late to our birth and having a baby in the truck on the side of the road).  So, the closer we are to the birth center, the better!  But, KOA remains high on my list and I highly recommend it!

Our first three weeks here have been busy but wonderful.  We are enjoying our classes (and learning that we can’t do breathing exercises without giggling uncontrollably – we’re working on this), exploring the surrounding communities, establishing a P.O. Box, checking out the local YMCA for membership possibilities, successfully shopping at consignment stores for maternity clothing (a big woo hoo!), finding good eating establishments, and meeting new people–all who seem supportive and intrigued with our Airstream life.

Life is good.

11 Responses to Another reason why I love my Airstream…

  1. Mom

    Good entry – love is a many splendored thing!!!

  2. Valynne

    I am excited for you and happy to hear you are enjoying New Hampshire. We are really enjoying our sit(s) here in New England, which is not surprising as I was born in CT and Paul is from England. Looking forward to keeping up with you and your Airstream adventures with baby!

  3. lotus

    Hi Lani,

    I’m so glad to hear that the first class went really well and I’m glad to hear that you have found a home nearby!

    Can i make suggestions? While you are hunting consignment shops for maternity clothes, check to see if there are any nursing clothes as well. This will come in handy after Baby arrives. As you know our little one came early, so I had no nursing bras or tanks and actually never had thought about it. But, now that I’ve said this I realize that I am assuming you are going to nurse. Disregard my comment if you do not plan to do this.

    BTW, what are the Airstream songs?

  4. Lani

    Hi Lotus!
    Thanks for the great suggestions! We found a great consignment store that had some nice maternity clothes so I will definitely keep a look out for nursing clothes – good idea! (And, yes, I’m planning on nursing.) :)

    It’s so nice to be somewhat settled. I found a great birth center and midwife (we flew up in February to meet her and tour her facility – it’s an out-of-hospital facility but near a hospital should any emergency arise). The community has been so nice and we’ve met some great people – especially through our birth class. And, we found a farm that still has CSA shares available so we are looking into that. All very exciting!

    There are a couple of Airstream songs:
    Miranda Lambert: The Airstream song
    Fastball: Airstream
    Gomez: Airstream Driver

    Those are the ones I know of. :)
    Gomez: a

  5. kim

    Isn’t it amazing to find other airstream connections when doing something as non associated as going to a childbirth class! Hope you are enjoying the class and keep laughing!

  6. Lani

    I love all the crazy Airstream connections. It’s so much fun! And, yes, there has plenty more giggling for us since the first class! Nothing but good times. Thanks for the comment!

  7. James Cullifer

    Me and my wife Donna have a 1978 Sovereign 31 ft. and we just love the coziness our camper provides.

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