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Fun Times in the ATL

Posted by on April 21, 2010

View from the SkyRide as we ride to the top of Stone Mountain.

Following our stay at Rainbow Springs State Park, we spent a week in the ATL, Hotlanta, the Peach State, whatever name one prefers for Georgia; it seems to have many. We returned to my parents’ home and had a lovely Easter with the family. For the work week, Chris went into Atlanta and stayed there as he had a lot of work to do and a conference to attend.  I stayed with my mom and dad and enjoyed a week of family fun activities.

It was spring break in the area so my nephews were out of school.  We went to Six Flags at the beginning of the week (don’t worry, I am aware that I am currently with child and therefore did not partake of any rides.)  While the kids stood in line and rode rides that would make me vomit, I enjoyed people watching.  Amusement parks are excellent for people watching, especially during spring break when you get to watch the drama that comes from the middle school and high school kids.  “Eeeeww…he kissed her?” Or, “Like, she’s totally a weirdo!” Oh, how I don’t miss those days.

View from the top of Stone Mountain. The visibility is poor due to the high amounts of pollen in the air.

Later in the week, my parents, nephew and I went to Stone Mountain Park.  While advertisements claim that Stone Mountain is the largest exposed granite “in the world,” according to my brief and unofficial research (er…Wikipedia), there are other larger granite landscapes. It’s still a pretty cool site and while my nephew claimed that there were four other places he rather be at than Stone Mountain during his spring break (i.e., Six Flags, White Water Amusement Park, Washington, D.C. and I can’t remember the other one), he did have a great day and I think Stone Mountain moved up in the rankings as the day progressed.

I hadn’t been to the park since I was a kid and back then, the primary activity one did at Stone Mountain was attend the laser show that occurs every night during the summer.  The park has changed significantly and now has a ton of family activities.

We started our day by riding the SkyRide to the summit, an elevation of 1,686 feet.  The pollen count was so incredibly high that day that visibility was really poor.  The pollen was so bad, in fact, that it would gather under my fingernails and I actually had an outline of the pollen on my feet where my sandals didn’t cover the skin. Eeew.

Our miniature golf course was next to the train depot. You can ride a train around the base of the mountain.

After our time at the top of the mountain, we spent the remainder of the day at the base of the mountain exploring the museum, catching a 4D film (which was super fun!), exploring “The Barn” where kids (and grownups, too) can enjoy trampoline floors, climbing structures, and interactive games, and then we took a quick lunch break and enjoyed a picnic in the park.  To finish our day at Stone Mountain, we played an intensive round of miniature golf.  Clearly, my practice on the Wii Golf game paid off as my putt was on fire that day!

At the end of the week, Chris finished up his conference and then we did something really crazy.  We drove into downtown Atlanta with the Airstream in tow. During rush hour. On a Friday night. On the same night as an NBA event. Yeah…parking…not easy.  We were in downtown to attend some after-conference parties. We brought the Airstream so a) friends at the conference could see it; and, b) so we could leave straight from Atlanta and make our way north to Virginia.

Chris navigated the busy streets beautifully.  We got some stares from passers-by as well as some laughs from police officers and parking attendants when we inquired about parking.  At last, we found a parking lot open for the NBA game and for a very ridiculous price, we were allowed to park overnight.  I will confess…it was sketchy.  Really sketchy. But, off we went to meet up with folks, have some dinner, and say our goodbyes to friends.  Thankfully, when we returned, our home was safe and sound.  Let the journey northward begin!

6 Responses to Fun Times in the ATL

  1. Mom

    I also enjoyed the week so much. Your descriptions were on target and hopefully we can do it all again and have Baby Pokrana in a stroller this time!!!!!

  2. 5ennie

    I saw on Twitter you are headed to a state where we started our journey! Safe travels and I hope you miss the black flies!!

  3. Lani


  4. Valynne

    I am sure enjoying these vicarious adventures, especially since you have been to many places that we have on our list : )

  5. Lani

    Thanks! It’s been an amazing journey. I look forward to following your blog as well – sounds like we have a lot of similar interests. Are you still in Massachusetts? We lived in Cambridge for a few years and loved it there. I’m hoping to do some weekend trips back to Boston this summer before the baby is born. Love being back in New England!!! Thanks for leaving a comment. Nice to “meet” you!

  6. Valynne

    You, too : ) Yes, we are in MA on a long-term sit in Buzzards Bay. I am currently on a side-sit in Cambridge. I will post pics tonight or tomorrow. I love New England – was born in CT and have spent most of my life in CT, CA, and CO. New England is what I always refer to as home…

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