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Our Farm Dream Continues. Ee I Ee I Oh.

Posted by on April 12, 2010

I’m really far behind on blog entries…again.  I have so many photos (and even a video) to share of our last few days at Rainbow Springs State Park in Florida.  Did I mention I love that park?  If not, let me just say that I really, REALLY, love that park.  We had a blast and I will write all about our last few days…but not right now.

I also need to write about my week in Atlanta, my trip to Stone Mountain Park, my day at Six Flags, and my night in downtown ATL.  But, I won’t do that right now either.

Instead, I have to share a story with you about a detour we took on our way to Blacksburg, Virginia on Saturday.  I have to do it now…it just can’t wait.

Everett and Missy on their farm. Unfortunately, it was already dark by the time we grabbed our camera.

So, I read blogs.  A lot of blogs.  Some I peruse periodically while others I read almost daily.  And, then, there are those special blogs.  They are the ones I read and I feel an instant connection to the blogger.  The ones on which I excitedly  introduce myself in a comment or through their contact information.  This is the case with the blog,  Living a Simple Life.

The blog is written by Everett (coincidentally, a name that has been on our short list of potential baby boy names for several months now.)and Missy, a young couple from Colorado who just purchased an old farm in Virginia.  About a month ago, I left a comment on their blog to introduce myself and explain that Chris and I had a similar dream.  When Chris and I decided to move to Blacksburg, Virginia we did so with the dream of buying farm land.  We even placed an offer on 10 acres.  When that didn’t work out, we found another property and spent hours exploring the land and the house, discussing the possibilities, and researching everything about farming…since we had no experience whatsoever.  Things just weren’t falling into place with that plan…that whole “we-know-nothing-about-farming” didn’t help matters.  But, the dream lives on for us and someday perhaps it will all happen.

For now we enjoy reading Everett and Missy’s blog and I highly recommend it if you are interested in following a young couple as they experience the farm life. They offer great book reviews for  homesteading resources and now that they have arrived at the farm, we get to read about their dream becoming a reality.

I offer that entire lengthy explanation and introduction for a reason.  As we were driving into southwestern Virginia on our way to Blacksburg, I decided to check up on Missy and Everett’s blog to see how things were progressing.  Their latest blog entry talked about how much stuff they had to do and the list was quite long and a bit frightening.  Not five minutes after I finished reading this entry (to myself), Chris says, “Hey! Let’s go find the property that Everett and his wife bought.  I’d like to see where they are living the dream.”

I know Chris well.  He has what I call DBS (Dropper-By Syndrome).  He has no issues about dropping by people’s homes unannounced.  I can’t do this.  At all.  I’m fabulous at driving by but I refuse to show up at a person’s home unexpectedly.  I knew if I told Chris their address, he’d knock on the door.  He’s not capable of just driving by.  So, I tried really hard to persuade him to just keep driving.  My efforts failed. Then, I read the blog entry to him that told of how busy they were thinking that might persuade him.  Instead, when I read the long list to him, his only response was, “Ooh, that sounds like fun!”  (He was serious.)

Next thing I knew, we were on the road to the farm.  It was an incredibly beautiful drive and we both enjoyed the scenery immensely. I highly recommend checking out southwestern Virginia as it is a really beautiful place.  Suddenly, our GPS lady said in her usual not-so-friendly tone, “You have arrived.” And, there, standing outside of their wonderful farmhouse, were Everett and Missy working on one of their many projects.

I gripped the door handle hoping Chris wasn’t going to slow down.  But, like I said, Chris just isn’t capable of a drive-by.  Nope, instead he rolled down his window and said, “Hey! Are you Everett?” Classy.

Looking confused, Everett affirmed his identity and Chris went on to explain that we read their blog and we were just passing through the area when we decided to take a detour to see their land.  (Does this make us look like stalkers?)  After our explanation, Everett remained in disbelief stating, “You’re kidding, right?”  No.  We weren’t.

Missy took this photo of us as we were on our tour. I hope she doesn't mind that I'm stealing her photo.

They were incredibly kind and even invited us to park our Airstream and take a tour of the land.  They showed us the different buildings on the property (the spring house, the chicken coop, etc.) and then even showed us their home.  As we walked around with them, the turkeys, chickens and guinea fowl roamed the land. It was all so picturesque.  Everett and Missy shared their plans with us, including their desire to build cabins to allow for farmstays.  I’d like to reserve my spot now, please!  The land is beautiful and they are a super cool couple.

I’m still trying to recover from just showing up at someone’s house unannounced but I must say I’m so glad we did. It was a wonderful stop on our journey.  Chris could have stayed for hours and talked. (He’s good at that. He’s always the last one to leave parties because he can’t stop talking.)  But, we knew how busy they were, it was getting late, and we had to get back on the road.  We had a great visit and really enjoyed meeting Everett and Missy and we thank them for a) not being terrified of two complete strangers who just show up unexpectedly; and, b) making us feel so welcome and giving us a tour of their beautiful land.  We look forward to our future farmstay! Thanks Everett and Missy!!! You two have inspired us to keep our farm dream alive.  And, who knows…we may end up back in Virginia!

8 Responses to Our Farm Dream Continues. Ee I Ee I Oh.

  1. Everett

    Hello Lani,

    I am very glad you two decided to stop by unexpectedly. It really did make our day. One of the biggest fears we have about starting the farmstays here is that we’re a little too far out of the way for most people. I know you’re not “most people” but we figure if some great folks such as yourselves are willing to drive by just to check things out, surely we can get some families from east coast cities to come out for a weekend stay or a family vacation on a farm.

    Also it was good just to know that people are keeping up with our journey, no matter how infrequent and scatter-brained the posts.

    You and Chris seem like incredibly kind, intelligent, life-loving people and we’d be happy to call you neighbors, even if that means an hour away.

    Take care on the rest of your journey. We’ll be reading.

    Also… Everett is a fantastic name for a kid. ;-)

  2. Everett

    PS: Tell Chris I just signed up for a Habitat for Humanity build in Mount Airy through a listing found on the Points of Light’s website. See, IT WORKS!

  3. Ali Workentin

    Lani and Chris

    As I read your post I kept expecting to say you stopped and ended up staying for a few days to help out with projects. I could just see you doing that. Glad you had a good time.

    I will check out their blog next.

    Hope you are having a good week.

  4. Lani

    Thanks for the comment Ali! I’m quite surprised Chris didn’t ask if he could stay for days to help with the projects. Wait a second…he may have! :-) We love our life on the road but we do miss gardening, yard work, and home projects, believe it or not!

    Everett (It is a great name!) – Chris read your comment and was excited that you had signed up through Points of Light. Habitat projects are a blast! Let him know when you are ready to share some of your SEO expertise. :-)

  5. Mom

    I am certain that I do not suffer with DBS. Great entry…..

  6. go holiday

    checked lots of blogs to grapsomething related to this subject.. Thanks alot

  7. Anita Greiwe

    Very a good article and reader comments that you have here. I would point out that other sites may make a varying angle, particularly in regards to gardening. Has anyone here located good viewpoints on the Internet, and could you let me know where?

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