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It’s a Zoo Out There!

Posted by on February 19, 2010

The beach within walking distance of our campground. Lovely!

Last weekend, as we began our hitching up process to depart Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah, we had the great pleasure of meeting some fellow Airstreamers who had just arrived at the park.  I follow Richard and Jen, of “Shiny Aluminum Love” on Twitter and I’ve also visited their blog on a number of occasions.  In fact, when Chris and I were first shopping for our Airstream (and I had not yet stepped foot into one), I did an online search for Airstream videos and found one of Richard and Jen’s videos giving a tour of their Airstream.  (I neglected to mention this to them when we met…so Richard and Jen, your video was very helpful!)  We chatted for awhile about full-timing, technology, etc.  It was wonderful meeting them! Make sure to check out their site!

The lake at Hanna Park campground.

We left Savannah without a clue as to where we were headed next…only that it must involve driving south.  During our drive along the interstate we saw a wild pig on the side of the road. I’m serious.  Maybe this is common…Chris didn’t seem to care so much.  But, I had never seen a wild pig.  Of course, I couldn’t get a picture since we were on the interstate but trust me…it was there.  It excited me.  I love it when I can add another first to my list.  This got us chatting about all of the animals we’ve seen during our Airstream travels.  Additional firsts (for me)  include: porcupines, mountain goats, and big horn sheep. So, my list of firsts isn’t that long but it excites me nonetheless.

One of the many armadillos seen in the campground

We decided to check out Hanna Park in Atlantic Beach, Florida.  It’s a county park that  I had found through RV Park Reviews earlier in the week.  When I called the park and asked about Verizon service (See! I’m learning to plan ahead now!) they informed me that Verizon was not picked up in the park. For some reason, however, we refused to believe them.  Call us stubborn.  We decided to check it out ourselves…at least for a Saturday night until we made further plans. The park sounded too nice for us to not at least check it out.  (FYI: County parks have worked out really well for us in our travels. They typically are not as well publicized (so they are also less crowded!) as other public parks but I’ve been very impressed with the ones we’ve stayed at all over the country.  So, be sure to check the parks at the county level when you are planning a road trip!)

Our campsite at Hanna Park

We pulled into the park, which is conveniently located between the beach and a lake.  Nice! We checked in at the office where we were told that they DID receive Verizon service.  So, we booked a full week at the park and got a fabulous campsite near the lake.  As we were driving into the park, you’re never going to believe what I saw!  An armadillo!  Okay, again…Chris didn’t care about this but I’ve never seen an armadillo.  So, two firsts in one day! Apparently I have lived a very sheltered life.

The campsites are not huge but do offer some privacy so you don’t feel like you are on top of your neighbor.  Benefits of the park include laundry on-site, full hookups at $25/night, great trails, a campground store, 24-hour security, convenient location to downtown Jacksonville and of course, a beach and a lake!

So, it isn’t really beach (or lake) weather but it’s warm enough for lovely walks to see all the sights (including armadillos and loads of birds) around the campground.  Additionally, the sun has been shining brightly and that makes for a happy Lani.  We’re enjoying the park so much, in fact, that we’ll be staying possibly longer than our one week planned. Stay tuned!

3 Responses to It’s a Zoo Out There!

  1. lotus

    What a beautiful spot! I was excited by the picture of the armadillo, so thanks for sharing even if others aren’t as excited! :)

  2. Fran

    County parks… I love your blog, Lani — so many good ideas! Hope you’ll make your way back up to VA sometime soon. We’re hitting First Landing State Park for spring break — any chance you’d feel like making your way north???

  3. Lani

    Thanks, Lotus! I’m glad someone else is excited, too! I see them all over the park and become overwhelmed with happiness every time I do! :)

    Fran, yes…be sure to look up county parks. They are kind of hard to find but RV Park Reviews is a great source and I highly recommend it. If you find yourself going needing a park in Kansas City, MO, there is a great county park there that Chris and I really enjoyed. We will probably be heading up your way in April! Glad you are already planning some camping trips!

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