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Beautiful Mansion, Gardens, Bears, and a Surprise

Posted by on November 25, 2009
My family enjoying a walk at Maymont

My family enjoying a walk at Maymont

Since we have been staying with family in Georgia recently, I don’t have much to write on the Airstream life.  The Airstream has been parked outside of my parents’ house, and resting from its long cross-country journey.  Chris has spent some time working in an actual office in Atlanta, while I have been spending some quality time with my folks and eating mom’s home cooking (which, in my opinion, is the best food EVER).  During this visit, however,  I did take a  trip to Richmond, Virginia sans Airstream and husband. It was a road trip with my Mom and Dad to pay a visit to my brother and his family and see my six-year old niece perform as a tomato in her school play. Who could pass up an opportunity to see a singing tomato? I simply couldn’t!  She, along with the other singing tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, cabbage,  flowers, and weeds (yes, weeds), did an outstanding job!

Maymont Park

Maymont Park

Having lived for several years in Virginia, I have visited Richmond numerous times.  It’s a great city, with charming neighborhoods and a nice downtown. While the weather was less than pleasant, we did manage to take a lovely day trip to Maymont Park, a 100-acre park just outside of Richmond that offers incredible walking trails, wildlife viewing, a nature center, and a beautiful historic home surrounded by impressive gardens. 

I had been to Maymont before and was anxious to return.  This time, in addition to walking the trails, we visited the nature center and took a tour of the mansion, where we learned about the home and land’s only owners, James and Sallie Mae Dooley.  Upon Mrs. Dooley’s death in 1925, the home and land were given to the City of Richmond, and today the park is maintained through its Foundation and donations. 

The Italian Garden

The Italian Garden

While the nature center and home tour do require a entrance fee, the park is free and well worth a visit.  In addition to great walking paths, scattered about are wildlife viewing areas which include bald eagles, foxes, bison, and black bears.  The animals kept within the park have recently been rehabilitated after injuries and while are healthy, are deemed unfit to return to the wild. They are cared for or being nursed back to health by the park’s zoologists.

And, not to be missed if you like gardens, are the Japanese and Italian Gardens. Although our visit to the park was on a chilly and cloudy November day, the gardens are still worth seeing for their statues and peaceful setting.

The trip to Richmond was short but delightful and I needed the time with family to share a surprise.  While Chris and I were in Blacksburg facing our scary storage unit and decluttering our home, we also found out some exciting news.  In addition to two adults and two dogs, come July, we will welcome a baby into our tiny aluminum home and have been anxious to share the news with family.  And, before you ask:  No, we don’t know what our plan is yet.  We don’t know where we will have the baby. We have no immediate plans of “settling down” at the moment.  And, yes, we may need a bigger Airstream. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

10 Responses to Beautiful Mansion, Gardens, Bears, and a Surprise

  1. Rob Baker

    So, we’ll throw you guys a huge baby shower at the Birthday Bash – June 24-28 next year here in Plymouth.. have the baby in Cooperstown, NY – that would be cool!


  2. Lani

    Thanks, Rob! We’ll see where we end up on our travels…you never know!

  3. Lotus

    Oh my! Congrats!!! Now you both will have to have your own babymoon! But, then I kind of think that living in an Airstream is like having a babymoon every single day! How exciting! I can’t wait to hear about how your plans will develop. D and I talk a lot about how much fun it will be to have our little baby to take to our Airstream retreat and in many ways, that’s why we finally decided to have a child – so that we could share our Airstream delights with her!
    How exciting! I’m so happy for both of you!

  4. Lani

    Thank you! We are really excited! I look forward to seeing what our plans will be as well. I’m both terrified and overwhelmed with joy. :)

  5. marlene

    Congrats!!!!! Exciting news. :)

  6. Mom

    Great entry and the last paragraph was great!!!

    The trip to Richmond was just as you described and the tomato was outstanding!!

    Can’t wait for you to have your little mushroom???

  7. Julie Askren Taiym

    Congrats, Lani! I am pregnant with #2, due at the end of June. Maybe your little one will come early & the birthdays will be close like ours.

  8. Rae

    Wow. The way you write, I feel like I know you. You’ve got a great blog and sounds like a wonderful start to a new life! Congratulations and keep shining! Can’t wait to hear of further adventures…

  9. Lani

    Thank you!!! I will be updating more eventually but with our travels currently on hold and my dealing with not-so-fun pregnancy symptoms, I’ve really gotten behind. Stay tuned! After the holidays, we will be back on the road and I look forward to blogging more!

  10. Jan Lagreca

    be waiting for next theme.

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