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Sewing Emergencies and Dry Skin Crises

Posted by on November 23, 2009
Preparing to leave Blacksburg 5 months ago. What a mess!

Preparing to leave Blacksburg 5 months ago. What a mess!

Yikes! It’s been awhile. We’ve had some busy weeks recently.  After leaving Jackson Center, we made a significant trip to Blacksburg, Virginia.  Why is it so significant? Because it marked five months of full-timing and we had come full circle.  We left Blacksburg on June 1st and returned on November 1st.  I felt like it would be a homecoming and wondered if I would be sentimental upon my return.  Would I realize how much I have missed the town? Would I immediately want to settle down again in a home without wheels? Or, would it only confirm how much I love our Airstream life? 

Our time there was probably not helped by the fact that our selection of campgrounds in the area was severely limited and we ended up at a somewhat sketchy place surrounded by permanent RV park residents (you know, those who have built permanent structures around their RVs and who have more belongings outside of the home than inside.)  But, the location and the price were ideal so we stayed for the week.

The primary purpose of our stop in Blacksburg was to add more things to our storage space.  When we left five months ago, we overpacked.  Way overpacked. For example, apparently I had a fear of losing buttons or having a sewing emergency.  I packed not one, but two travel sewing kits.  And, I feel it is important to mention that I don’t know how to sew. (My 7th grade home economics teacher confirmed my inability when she actually made me leave the sewing area of the classroom.)  Apparently, I also thought I would have a dry skin crisis and packed numerous lotions in case of such a catastrophic event. A dry skin disaster has not happened yet…so all those lotions are just taking up valuable space.   The little things I packed were starting to cause clutter in the home.  So, we did a thorough cleaning of the trailer, emptied out the back of our truck, and were able to pack up a ton of things that had not been used for the entire five months.  We also made the decision to leave our bikes behind and order folding bikes that may pack easier into the truck.  It felt great to see our tiny home and garage (a.k.a truck)  have less clutter. 

Where to next???

Where to next???

What did not feel good was paying a visit to our storage space.  It’s amazing how we both completely forgot how much stuff we still owned.  While we sold a great deal of our belongings, our storage space is still completely full (and completely scary).  We opened the door and with amazement stood and stared for about 20 minutes at what now looks like junk.  When you haven’t used, thought about, or needed these belongings for five months, it’s eye-opening to see what we thought was important enough to keep.  While there are a few pieces of furniture and some artwork that remain of value to us, the bulk of our storage space was full of unnecessary items that we will someday have to sort through yet again.  But, not this trip! This trip was simply to add more junk to the pile and keep on moving!

It was great to catch up with friends and family while in Blacksburg but our time there did confirm that we made the right decision on our Airstream life.  We were excited to lock up the storage space and get back on the road.  For the next few months, we will be staying with family members in Georgia and Florida, hopefully enjoying some warmer weather, and excitedly planning the next leg of our travels.

8 Responses to Sewing Emergencies and Dry Skin Crises

  1. Jude

    It’s good to find confirmation in the decisions you’ve made. Good post and I also found some good information on the link Rich posted above.

    Thanks and keep taking pictures!

  2. Lani

    Thanks for the article, Rich! Excellent points. It’s amazing what we have learned in just 5 months.

  3. Lani

    Thanks, Jude!

  4. kim

    loved this post, (and helpful link!). it’s really interesting what you were feeling about the storage stuff after so many months. We were just talking about that this past weekend. All along i feel like i don’t need my storage stuff any more… but i felt i could easily say that as it’s still sitting in my storage area! After 8 months of on the road living, i think i’m getting closer to feeling like i can truly live without it. The truth will be in the pudding… and when we actually get rid of the stuff in there and don’t pay $200/month!

  5. Lani

    Hi Kim! Thanks! Yes, the longer we full-time the less valuable our storage stuff becomes to us. I don’t look forward to cleaning out the storage unit eventually but I do look forward to eliminating even more of our things.

  6. TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    I remember getting rid of stuff that I thought I “needed” and actually being upset when Duncan (the hubby) donated it. When it comes down to it you only need a little bit of stuff. Don’t get me wrong – I still have a ton of crap that I still can’t seem to part with, but it all fits in the back of the suburban and trailer so I haven’t been forced to get rid of the last of it just yet. :)

    I just hate spending hard-earned cash on stuff and when I realize I don’t need it, sell it for 1/8th (or less!) of what I paid!

  7. Lani

    It is amazing what few things we really need! I love the freedom that comes with less clutter and stuff.

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