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The Grandma Tour Continues

Posted by on November 4, 2009
Grandma and her Elvis collection.

Grandma and her Elvis collection.

We arrived in Indianapolis with two goals:  1)  to spend some time with Chris’ other grandmother and extended family members, and; 2) eat at Gray Brothers Cafeteria.   Our first night was spent with Grandma.  We visited her house and got the tour (I had never been there and Chris had not been in many years).  Her house is filled with wonderful antiques, including, our personal favorite, an old microwave. Yes, that’s right…out of all of the beautiful pieces of furniture, our favorite was the microwave.   When we asked how old the microwave was, Grandma’s response was, “When did they start making microwaves?”  Apparently, it’s only been repaired once.  Amazing!  We also got to see her impressive Elvis collection, complete with dolls, pictures, belt buckles, and all things Elvis.

The biggest treat, however, was a chance to see many of the family pictures, including ones taken by Chris’ grandfather, a Pulitzer prize nominee and photographer for the Indianapolis Star.  Tucked away in a drawer with dozens of other photos was a plain red album, to which one might not pay much attention.  But, inside, were the prize nominated photos.

Check out this microwave!!!

Check out this microwave!!!

The album was a series of photos taken during a police shootout in Indianapolis.  He was one of the first to arrive on the scene, and from a neighboring home, took pictures of the cops arriving, the actual shootout between a mental patient on weekend release and the officers, and the subsequent death of the mental patient.  As a result of the shootout, several officers were injured and the mental patient was killed.  The incredible pictures captured the entire event, including the inside of the home filled with bullet holes.  I had heard about these pictures and was thrilled to have an opportunity to see the album as well as other amazing photos. I could have sat for hours and looked at the pictures but it was late and we needed to return to the industrial park…er…I mean our “Lake Haven Retreat.”

Going through Grandma's old pictures.

Going through Grandma's old pictures.

The following evening, we accomplished goal number two: Gray Brothers Cafeteria.  Chris despises cafeterias so why this is a must-visit eating establishment when we come through Indianapolis is something I may never understand.  But, I appreciate the place because as you are meandering down the aisle selection your food, the cafeteria presents you with dessert first and then the main course.  This is brilliant.  It’s much easier to justify grabbing a dessert plate when you have no idea how large your main course plate will be.  Before you know it, you are at the register with a tray filled of food and even if you wanted to put the dessert back because you shouldn’t be eating that much food, you can’t because making your way back through the line to return the dessert is impossible, not to mention, impolite.  So, alas, you are forced to eat all of the delicious main course and finish with dessert. It’s the only time I can justify eating this much food.  Again, brilliant.

We were joined by Grandma and other family members kind enough to come out in the pouring rain.  It was wonderful catching up with everyone, sharing stories, and eating good food.  They were even interested coming back to our “Lake Haven Retreat” to take a tour of our tiny home.  I think this was the first time we have had seven people and two dogs in our home at one time.  It was cozy.

We accomplished our goals in Indianapolis and after a very rainy and muddy hitching up experience, we departed our lake haven and set off on our pilgrimage.  A pilgrimage all Airstream owners should make at some point.

2 Responses to The Grandma Tour Continues

  1. Amy Kay

    Troopers you are! Nice re-count, as usual. Will you travel south now please? DO tell me about the ‘managerial’opps that you have not or have had from time to time in your travels. I am so interested in doing this. BUT … I need to make some money. Help me. what to do?

  2. Mom

    Chris’ Grandmother has better luck than I do with mocrowaves! I had a large one like that, then another, then a smaller, then a built-in, then another built-in, then another…..

    Great entry!

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