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94 Degrees and Sunny.

Posted by on October 5, 2009
Our home...with a distant view of Arches National Park

Our home...with a distant view of Arches National Park

So, there we were, on the interstate leaving Park City and headed to Colorado, via Wyoming. Chris casually says, “What’s the weather going to be like in Fort Collins and Salida?” Unsure, I check the weather only to see that while the first few days would be lovely, the remainder of the week was cold and Salida actually had snow in the forecast. Snow. In September. Since I only thought this Airstream life would last a few months, I am not prepared for snow (mentally or physically).  So, we pulled off at the next exit, checked the calendar, checked a map, and checked the weather reports for Moab, Utah: 90s and sunny. And, just like that, Moab became our next destination.

Balancing Rock with a tiny glimpse of the moon rising in the background.

Balancing Rock with a tiny glimpse of the moon rising in the background.

A few people we’ve met along the way have mentioned Moab but I had not really done any research as far as where we would stay, what’s in the area, etc. After a lovely and always entertaining Friday night stay at a Wal-Mart in Price, Utah, we pulled into Moab early Saturday morning.

We quickly noted that our quiet campgrounds were left behind in Salt Lake City. Moab is a popular place in September and here we were without reservations. An online review of the state park revealed that although a beautiful park, it did not have water and appeared to be pretty far outside of town. We drove around for awhile, scoping out the town and the various parks.  It seemed many of the private parks, as usual, had very tight spaces.  After our previous two weeks of gloriously large state park campsites, moving into a tight space with no views was not exciting.  We eventually ended up at Arch View RV Park for its location, willing to accept the smaller sites. The park was only two miles from Arches National Park and conveniently located to the entrance of Canyonlands National Park.

Scenes from our drive through Arches National Park

Scenes from our drive through Arches National Park

While the park was quite full, we somehow once again scored an amazing site in the park: #86.  In exchange for no sewer hookup (which we are quite accustomed to now), we were able to have amazing views and a large site. Woo hoo! We were on the end of a row and in the perimeter of the park so no one was blocking our view. Perfect location! Last week we had lakefront property. This week, a distant view of Arches National Park. Ah, the Airstream life!

We unhitched and quickly settled in–it’s amazing how much faster we are now at this process. It seems like only yesterday we were in my mom and dad’s driveway pretending to know how to do all of this but taking forever to attach our weight distribution bars. Did I ever think I would know how to hitch and unhitch a trailer? No. Am I impressed with myself? Absolutely.

Chris and our distant view of Delicate Arch in the background.

Chris and our distant view of Delicate Arch in the background.

Our first day in Moab was spent in Arches National Park. We weren’t able to see the entire park as it was late in the day, but we did manage to tour the park at sunset so the lighting was fabulous. We slowly made our way to the Delicate Arch, a famous arch in the park that adorns the Utah license plates. Needless to say, it was a must-see feature.  We managed only to see the arch from a distance as we did not have time before sunset to make the hike to the arch. While I would have preferred an up close and personal view, the distant view was lovely at sunset.

In addition to the Delicate Arch, we saw the North and South Windows, Double Arch, Balancing Rock, and many, many other incredible formations. The sun set quickly and before we knew it, it was getting darker and time for us to return to our humble abode. But, already, our time in Moab was excellent and we still have several more days to look forward to in this beautiful place. Clearly, our spontaneous decision to visit Moab was an excellent one!

4 Responses to 94 Degrees and Sunny.

  1. Mom

    Another interesting travel experience!! You are getting the “hang” of the Airstream life!!

  2. Denman

    Beautiful! I am jealous as I sit here in my cube in lovely Laurel MD LOL! I enjoy reading your blog posts thanks for keeping us up with your travels.

    Frederick, MD

  3. Lani

    Thanks for following us on our travels! Believe it or not…sometimes I do miss my cubicle life. Sometimes. Few times, really. Okay…maybe only once or twice. ;-)

  4. coupons for toms

    Your article 94 Degrees and Sunny. | Aluminum Bliss write very well, thank you share!

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