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Idaho…Who Knew?

Posted by on September 28, 2009
Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

We departed early from Yellowstone and began our journey to the Grand Tetons. Since we were several days ahead of our reserved time at Colter Bay RV Park in Grand Teton, we decided to go and check out the area, confirm whether we could get internet service, and see about changing our reservation.

Several people had told me that of the two parks, Grand Teton was their favorite. As a result, I had high expectations. While I’m not sure if I can pick a favorite (I think both parks are truly amazing), we had a glorious week around the park. We checked out Colter Bay RV Park, which had nice sites, but unfortunately it had a very weak internet signal for us and we wouldn’t be able to take the chance. So, off we went in search for a place to stay. We quickly found the local visitor’s center and a list of nearby RV parks. Wow. Expensive. (We later learned that Teton County is the wealthiest county per capita of any in the United States.) Not that the RV park in Colter Bay was cheap, but at least we are IN the park. After recovering from sticker shock, we called a few places and had settled on a nearby RV park that seemed suitable for us and near the park’s entrance. Just as we were on our way, I double-checked the RV Park Review site, a handy tool in my opinion, and found not so pleasant reviews. Hmm…Dilemma. For its cost, I expect a pristine park.

At the top of Teton Pass

At the top of Teton Pass

We opted to not drive all the way back to the park and instead decided to turn to Idaho for help. After a most pleasant recent stay in Idaho, we turned once again to the land of potatoes in hopes of finding a home. And we did. Advertised as the “Quiet Side of the Tetons,”Teton Valley Campground in Victor, Idaho was a most pleasant and affordable home for the week. So, off we headed over Teton Pass and into Victor. After making our way over Teton Pass towing a trailer, Chris vowed he would not do that pass again. It was the steepest pass we have encountered to date with a 10% grade. 

The RV park was very nice and very clean. It had a heated pool (which they intended to close but Hong and I refused to let that happen), laundry facilities, and a basketball court.

Unfortunately, however, to get back to the Grand Tetons required going over the pass. With Chris and his busy week with work, we decided to not return to Grand Teton until the weekend, keeping with our original schedule. So, we enjoyed our time in Victor, Idaho, playing HORSE on the basketball court (where we were reminded that neither of us are skilled in the game. At all.), swimming in the refreshing and only somewhat heated pool, visiting nearby Driggs (a cute town), and cooking fabulous dinners.

We *heart* Idaho.

We *heart* Idaho.

Hong tried his best to enjoy the “Quiet Side” and even found, the Headwaters Club at Teton Springs Resort, a fancy golf resort nearby where he could watch the U.S. Open and sip lemonade…all day. But, at last, he tired of us and hopped on a bus to Jackson, the “Exciting and Tourist-filled side of the Tetons“, where he spent the remainder of the week hiking extremely strenuous trails and enjoying the great outdoors. Meanwhile, Chris and I continued to enjoy the quiet town of Victor, noting how, with the exception of our bad week at Priest Lake, the state of Idaho has come through for us in our time of need.  It was all that and a bag of chips.  Potato…of course.

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