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A Towel For You, Sir

Posted by on September 9, 2009
Hong at the Bow River

Hong at the Bow River

For the remainder of our week in Banff, Chris had to return to work. Since we could not get our satellite to work, he once again faced a few days of working for eight hours in a car.  Ugh.  We were up early the next morning, getting ready for the day. We explained to Hong where the campground’s showers were located and off he went for his shower. As I sat and enjoyed my coffee, Hong returned an hour later from his shower. He informed me of a very nice shower that he found and said he didn’t even need the towel I loaned him because a Vietnamese boy was there to hand him a towel. He also informed me of a very nice heated pool. I questioned whether this was on the campground and Hong said not to worry, it was open to the public. Later that day, I realized Hong had used the nearby showers owned by the expensive resort that charged $250.00 a night. Hong, a man who now prefers luxury, was disappointed when I showed him the campground showers…where us commoners shower…and where no young Vietnamese boys hand you a fluffy clean towel for your drying convenience.

The luxurious Fairmont Resort in Banff

The luxurious Fairmont Resort in Banff

After his morning stretching session (which I should also be doing but haven’t…yet),  Hong and I set off to explore Banff. On our first hike, we walked down to the Bow River and followed a trail along the river to a place the map referred to as “Surprise Corner.” Along the way, we had a great view of the Fairmont Resort, a well-known and very beautiful hotel in Banff. There we were, in beautiful Banff, surrounded by incredible scenery, excitedly snapping pictures of a hotel. While I love my aluminum abode, I wouldn’t mind a night in this gorgeous hotel.

We continued along and somehow we lost the official trail. After climbing up some rocks and following what looked like a trail, however, we managed to find our way to the surprise: The Bow Falls. It was a beautiful sight and we took a few minutes to take some pictures and enjoy the sound of the crashing water before continuing on to downtown Banff, where we had a light lunch before going back to the campground.

Bow Falls

Bow Falls

That night, we enjoyed dinner and explored the many shops in downtown Banff. When we came back to the campground, we met our very friendly, British neighbors and played football (and I mean football, not soccer) with their four-year old daughter. It was a very pleasant evening and we were all ready for a good night’s sleep…but first we took the time to show Hong how to open the door and ensured him it was perfectly fine to use the trailer’s facilities should he have any bathroom emergencies.

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