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Look! A Silver Toaster!

Posted by on September 4, 2009
Entering Canada

Entering Canada

With much sadness, we dropped Buddy and AJ off at a kennel in Bonners Ferry, Idaho and began our trek to Canada. I was prepared for a long stop at the border and expecting an inspection of the trailer and fearful of an inspection of the truck. (Not because we had something to hide but because Chris does an amazing job of organizing the back of our truck, a.k.a. our garage, and the thought of all of those items being removed and then having to repack it was terrifying.) All the worrying was a waste of time (as usual). Crossing into Canada took all of five minutes with just a few questions, including the ever popular, “Aren’t you too young to be retired?” We get that question often. Too often. Here‘s how the conversation typically goes:

Camper: Well, you’re a long way from home (Said in an excited tone after seeing our Virginia license plates!).

Lani: Yes, well, actually we are full-timers.

Camper: No kidding! You look to young to be retired! (ha, ha, ha, ha!)

Lani: We aren’t retired. (Camper gives a confused look.) My husband works in technology so he can work from the road.

Camper: Oh.

A similar conversation occurred at the border with a few more questions as to why we chose this particular route and how long we planned to stay in this fine country. Then, they confiscated Chris’ pepper spray so we wouldn’t spray the bouncers at Canadian bars (apparently a common occurrence) and sent us on our way.

Our silver toaster on the ferry

Our silver toaster on the ferry

I spent a full day mapping out a route for us to Banff but keeping with the tradition of this journey (and our relationship), Chris mapped out a totally different route and we went his way instead. Fortunately, this was the better route so he wins again. Also keeping with tradition, we had no reservations so we began looking for campgrounds immediately. Along our route, we kept seeing signs for a ferry and not knowing the schedule or if it was a passenger-only ferry, we decided to stop for the night in Crawford Bay (quite close to the ferry) to come up with some tentative plan.

We were excited to find our that not only was the ferry large enough for our vehicle and trailer, but that it was free. That’s right…FREE. O’ Canada. So, the next morning we drove onto the ferry and crossed the Kootenay Lake. As I got out of the car to go up on deck, I heard a little boy say to his mom, “Look! A silver toaster.” Um…I think he’s talking about my home since it is the only thing on the ferry that is silver and toaster-shaped. We are quite used to being pointed at, waved at, stared at and the subject of conversations. It’s just inevitable with a home as good looking as ours. Silver toaster, however, is a new one. I like it.

The town of Kaslo

The town of Kaslo

After exiting the ferry, we drove to the town of Kaslo and decided to stop at an information center since we knew nothing of this region and wanted to make the most of our stay. Kaslo was a pleasant surprise. It was a very picturesque and quaint town that was booming of life on this semi-warm day in British Columbia. We spoke with a kind woman at the information center who, thankfully, was informative. She told us of a few campgrounds in the area and off we went.

We settled for the night at a provincial park just north of Kaslo on the Kootenay Lake. Chris purchased his fishing license and decided to fish for the evening while I sat by the lake and read. The next day, with the weather looking cloudy and gray, we continued our journey seeking sunny weather. We knew it had to be out there somewhere, and the Silver Toaster was going to find it!

3 Responses to Look! A Silver Toaster!

  1. Mom

    Hey – you could have named your blog, “Travels in a Silver Toaster!” I enjoyed the entire entry and especially the examples of questions/answers. Good job!!!!!

  2. Sean Michael

    Cool shot of your Airstream on the ferry! I am also impressed (stunned?) to learn that passage was free! We briefly investigated putting our Airstream on a ferry from Maine to Nova Scotia, but the price tag scared us away…

  3. Lani

    Thanks Sean! Yes! We, too, were shocked that it was free after having priced the ferries near Vancouver.
    A very nice surprise!

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