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Canadians: A Hardy People

Posted by on September 4, 2009
Arrow Lake

Arrow Lake

The following day, we left Kootenay Lake, traveled towards Revelstoke, British Columbia (once again taking advantage of the FREE ferry boat to get across Arrow Lake) and stayed a night at Blanket Creek Park on the Arrow Lake Reservoir. We, once again, totally lucked out and found a great campsite (with no reservation) located next to the trail that led down to the lake. We settled in quickly, took a walk down to the lake, and then made our plans for the day. As it was getting late in the afternoon and the sky was rather cloudy, we made a decision to not put the kayaks on the lake that day but rather take them out first thing the next morning before departing. Instead, Chris opted to go fishing and I decided to stay at the trailer, clean up, and start dinner. I am such a good trailer wife, am I not?

Our campsite at Arrow Lake

Our campsite at Arrow Lake

While in Kaslo, Chris purchased a variety of lures, picked up some advice from a local angler, and was prepared for Canadian fishing. After trying every single lure in his possession, plus some leftovers from dinner (corn), there wasn’t even a nibble. He fished for several hours and finally came to the conclusion that there are no fish in Canada. We made our way back to the campsite, sat by the wonderful campfire for awhile, and stared up at the night sky. While there may be no fish in Canada, there are stars. It was an amazing night sky full of twinkling and shooting stars.

Preparing to paddle Arrow Lake...with wetsuit and all...

Preparing to paddle Arrow Lake...with wetsuit and all...

The next morning, we began our preparations for kayaking. It was a very chilly morning, much more chilly than our Lake Quinault kayak day, and Chris suggested that today was the day for the wetsuits. It was early, I was tired, and my coffee had not fully set in, so I agreed to this suggestion. We got the kayaks down to the lake (but not very gracefully) via our lovely new kayak cart and began putting on our spray skirts and life jackets. I noticed a couple sitting on the beach observing us. I thought, “Wow, we must totally look like we know what we are doing, with our wetsuits, spray skirts, life jackets, and all.” I was feeling pretty proud…and (gasp!) confident… at that moment. Then I turned and saw an older woman paddling up to the shore. No spray skirt. No life jacket. And, instead of a wetsuit…she had on shorts. She stepped out of her kayak, hoisted it up on to her shoulder, and marched back up the campground. Canadians, a hardy people, eh? Proud moment…gone.

Enjoying the paddle...before the coffee set in

Enjoying the paddle...before the coffee set in

The lake was so incredibly calm that it was mirror like, showing a perfect reflection of the landscape, and very easy to paddle. We made our way across to the other side, desperately searching for wildlife. While there was no wildlife that presented itself to us, the morning on the lake was peaceful and relaxing and we took our time exploring the shoreline…until we both realized that drinking a really large cup of coffee before putting on a wetsuit and hopping into kayaks is not such a good idea. Still admiring the scenery around us, we paddled harder back to our beach for obvious reasons and while the wetsuits did come in handy on the water, removing them made for an entertaining moment when you really have to go.  Although the kayak trip was rather short, it was a refreshing start to the day.

2 Responses to Canadians: A Hardy People

  1. Jessica

    Yay Canada! We just wear shorts to kayak too. :)

    We do have fish…I think Chris would have had better luck if he had a belly boat.

  2. Mom

    Great entry. I agree with Jessica – I am sure Canada has fish – they just have Chris’ number!

    Question – are you a good trailer wife or a good Airstream wife??? Inquiring minds want to know!!

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