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Lani and Chris and Their Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Posted by on August 27, 2009

When I sat down to write about our final day in Washington and our week in Idaho, I could not find any words or stories to share. It was simply an uneventful (and somewhat bad) week. A number of issues popped up causing us great frustration. And, since I know you are tired of hearing all of the good about our journey, I take this time to share with you the challenges we faced this week while living in our Airstream:

  • Our heroes in Spokane

    Our heroes in Spokane

    During our Lake Quinault visit, our fresh water tank’s spigot was broken by a piece of gravel with its sight set on emptying our tank.  The RV shops we passed along the way were too busy to help or not interested (Seriously, one guy said he hated Airstreams. Whatever.) We finally had the issue resolved days later at Airstream of Spokane. This was one of our few positive moments – those folks were simply wonderful and patient with our thousands of questions.

  • We drove more hours than we expected to on Saturday night and when we finally found a campground after getting somewhat lost in the dark on unfamiliar roads, the campground sign read “Full.” It was a sad, sad moment. We ended up in a Wal-Mart parking lot with no freshwater. Also, a sad, sad moment.
  • We spent several hours at the emergency room in Spokane, Washington attempting to get Chris his prescription for Ritalin, a controlled substance. We can’t get the prescription from the family doctor in Virginia. Urgent Care facilities will not prescribe the drug and so we almost always end up at an emergency room spending more money. This time, the doctor would only prescribe two weeks’ worth. Not good.
  • We found a great park in Idaho but it was only available for one night. We spent our entire evening trying to set up our new satellite internet with no luck. Called the satellite service only to be treated poorly and receive no help whatsoever. I am not naming names here should I need their service in the future. But, seriously, is it necessary to be that rude to the customer?
  • As a result of no satellite service and no Verizon MiFi service, we departed the park early on Monday and Chris worked in the car. All. Day. Long.
  • Found a park at Priest Lake that advertised wireless internet and a heated pool. Sounds great, right? Yeah…IF THEY ACTUALLY HAD IT. We didn’t find this out until we were there. The nearby small town had cellular service so Chris spent the next three days, once again, working in a hot car for eight hours.
  • Tried again to set up the satellite. Failed. Not only does it show “Failed” on our computer screen, but, the voice calling out the reception numbers actually spells out “F. A. I. L. E. D.” as though spelling the word hurts us less than just saying it. Called the not-so-friendly satellite service again. Same guy. Rude…again. Finally called the man from whom we purchased the satellite. He was not only friendly (gasp!) but informed us that the actual satellite was having issues.  Yes, the satellite 22,000 miles up in the air was not working.  So, it wasn’t even an issue on our end. Why couldn’t the satellite service people inform us of this. Why? Why??
  • Left the dishonest park to start making our way to the Canadian border. Researched what to expect at the border with an RV and dogs. Learned the dogs needed to have their rabies vaccination. I thought they did. As I searched for the certificates, I learned there had been a mix up at the vet and Buddy had been vaccinated twice while AJ was overdue. As a result, the dogs had to stay at a kennel in Idaho while we moved on to Canada.
Priest Lake, Idaho

Priest Lake, Idaho

So there you have it: our week of challenges. Because it pains me to end this entry sharing only bad memories of the week, I will mention one of our few highlights. While at Priest Lake (a truly beautiful lake), we decided to take a drive up to the state park to see its facilities and also see more views of the lake. What was only supposed to be a quick drive, provided us with a delicious dinner at a local café and beautiful view of Priest Lake at sunset. It was a nice evening among so many frustrating moments.

4 Responses to Lani and Chris and Their Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

  1. Mom

    It’s a good thing that I know that things got so-oo-oo much better when you got into Canada and you had a great time there! Glad your “Alexander” week is way behind you!

  2. Bert Gildart

    Thanks for the comment about Night of the Grizzly and thoughts about my involvement…
    Enjoyed looking over your blog and found it interesting that you’ve had trouble with the fresh-water drain valve on your Airstream. We’re just back from Alaska — and everyone we talked to had that problem along the way. Years ago, with our first Airstream, we did too — and at the time I wrote Airstream saying they should provide a shroud — a cover of sorts. We’ve now got one, and on our first, too. Too bad they won’t fix an obvious weakness. But my remedy works and if you don’t protect it some way or other, you’ll probably have difficulties again. Incidentally, looks like kayaking is another thing we have in common. We love it.

  3. Lani

    Thanks for the reply, Bert. The book about the events of that summer was quite a read. As a recent graduate of a public administration program, I was most interested in the role of the national park service and how that has evolved, especially after just visiting the park last week and learning more about the bear management plan. (And, seeing how many visitors the park attracts.) Again, I could go on and on…but I won’t. :)

    Thanks for the information about the drain valve. When we took the Airstream in to be fixed, we got the impression that this was an unusual issue. Definitely will see about protecting the valve in order to avoid this problem again.

    Enjoyed looking at your site, the blog, and the amazing photos. Perhaps our paths will cross in the future!

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