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Fish Tales

Posted by on August 26, 2009
The fishing hole

A fishing hole at Salt Creek County Park in Port Angeles, WA

It happened! It finally happened! In previous fishing attempts, Chris has lost a few lures in the water, had several instances of extremely tangled fishing line, and, my favorite, tossed half of his fishing rod in the water. So, the fishing experiences had not been that phenomenal to date. But, that all changed in Port Angeles, Washington. We were not sure if fishing was allowed where we were staying until we saw the park ranger and his daughter come back from the shore with a large fish in hand. (Apparently, the daughter caught the fish with her Scooby Doo fishing rod). If a 5-year old can catch a fish, then why can’t Chris, right? So, later that day, off he went to test his fishing skills once again.

It's a big one!

It's a big one!

I walked with him down to the rocky shore but immediately started off my own path while he stopped, prepared for the first cast, and casually tossed the line in expecting nothing in return. I was not yet 15 feet away from him when he started yelling, “I caught something! I caught something! And…it’s big!” I turned and in my supportive and positive wife tone said, “You’re probably just stuck on a rock.” Chris confirmed that he had indeed caught the fish. So, I slowly turned and began making my way back up to his rock. Surprisingly, he HAD caught a fish. So, of course, the panic begins here with me asking, “What are you going to do with it?” And, “how are you going to unhook it?” Chris responded with a calm and confident answer of “I don’t know. Go get those surgical scissor things.” So I did.

The proud moment

The proud moment

He managed to remove the hook and despite the fighting efforts of the fish, tossed him back into the rough waters…but not before doing the necessary pose with the prized catch. While we have proof of the fish in photo, the debate is still open as to a) what type of fish he caught; and b) how large it actually was. A neighbor at the park claims it was a rock cod (but this neighbor seemed to be a little high…er…on life, maybe?). I estimate the fish to be about a foot long. Chris claims it was more like two feet long. Uh huh. Right. I think we finally compromised on a foot and a half. Nevertheless, it was an exciting moment. In anticipation of the next catch, it will be necessary to learn what to do with the fish once we have it. I can assure you, I will leave that task to Chris.

Under the sea

Under the sea

Aside from the amazingly large fish that occupied the water, the shoreline was a great place for exploring and I took advantage of the opportunity one afternoon while Chris was working.  While the tide was low, I walked out and studied the numerous pools full of sea life. Although I had read the information board at the park of what types of things I would see, I wasn’t seeing them.  I quickly latched on to a seemingly knowledgeable family and listened in on their educational conversations.  I probably appeared suspicious, desperate and lonely as I would stand at a distance, overhear their ooohing and ahhing at the pools, then quickly follow behind studying the same pools, taking my pictures, and catching up with them so as to not miss anything cool.  While it may have annoyed the family, I had an excellent time!

"I think I can.  I think I can."

"I think I can. I think I can."

For the remainder of the week, I think we managed to visit every fishing spot in the park  in hopes of another catch. I finally told Chris he was pressing his luck and that he needed to stop (it was getting cold, time for dinner, and his obsession was getting worse). His response, “Just a few more minutes. I just know they are out there.” Seconds later, he lost his last lure to the water.

3 Responses to Fish Tales

  1. Kathy Wallace

    I have been to Port Angeles several times. As I said before some of my family live in Oak Harbor WA on Whidbey Island. You should try to get to Coupeville or at least Deception Pass State Park. Both beautiful places.

  2. Lani

    Yes, that area is very beautiful and there are still many sights and places we need to see. I really wanted to take the ferry to Whidbey Island but we couldn’t get a spot on the ferry that worked with our schedule. Definitely need to go back!

  3. Mom

    Scooby Dooby Doo….where are you?? Perhaps Chris needs to change the brand of his fishing gear???

    Great entry and I saw the picture – he did catch a big fish! Way to go, Chris!

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