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Puppy Love

Posted by on August 13, 2009
The Farmer's Market in Eugene

The Farmer's Market in Eugene

Upon leaving the coast of Oregon, we ventured over to Eugene, a city we were excited to see for a number of reasons: 1) We wanted to pay a visit to George M. Sutton RV to have the Airstream serviced; 2) Folks we’ve met along the way have strongly recommended the city as a great place to visit (and live), and; 3) I needed to see the city that is home to the University of Oregon to which Chris paid his deposit twice but never attended school there.

Booths at Eugene's Saturday Market

Booths at Eugene's Saturday Market

We were fortunate to find a site at Armitgage County Park, which offered full hookup (water, sewer, electric, AND cable), was located five miles north of Eugene, was situated on the McKenzie River, and had a huge dog park! How can you beat that, right? At the suggestion of a friend, we checked out Eugene’s Saturday Market, host to crafts, food, and entertainment. Just across the street from that market, was the local Farmer’s Market, an incredible display of locally grown vegetables. It was an entertaining day, full of interesting individuals and delicious food.

We received much needed servicing on the Airstream, specifically our refrigerator issue. Now, thanks to the kind folks at Sutton RV, our refrigerator can run off the propane when we are traveling or not hooked up and I don’t have to worry about food spoiling. We also took the time to take a look at the other Airstreams on Sutton’s lot and while all are incredible, we now feel confident that we selected the Airstream that suits us best. Always nice to have confirmation that the expensive purchase was the correct purchase.

Some other worthwhile purchases were also made in Eugene: 1) an internet satellite so that we can hopefully explore outside of the Verizon Broadband region (no offense to Verizon, we’ve had great success with our MiFi so far); and 2) my beloved and cherished iPhone that I resisted for so many years. Oh iPhone, how have I lived without you all this time?

7-12-09a 006

Buddy dreaming of poodles. AJ haunted by the 180lb. beast.

Our time in Eugene was productive (and expensive), but not too full of adventure. It could be that the extremely and unusual hot temperatures during our visit made the exploration of the region difficult. Chris did manage to attempt fishing again but that fun time came to end when his lure was lost in the river. The dogs, however, had a wild and crazy time exploring the dog park. Perhaps this was their time for freedom and fun. Buddy fell in love with, not one, but two poodles and expressed his love in a not-so-appropriate way. He also successfully and proudly marked every square inch of the dog park. Meanwhile, AJ captured the heart (and tongue) of a dog that weighed approximately 180 lbs. and who found great joy in licking AJ from head to tail. AJ, covered in dog saliva, was not amused.

2 Responses to Puppy Love

  1. tymm

    please, please, please tell me you guys visited Hayward Field. You did, right? That place is like a runner’s Mecca.

    So cool you were in Eugene…

  2. Mom

    So…when asked what you liked best about Eugene, would your answer be….Iphone??

    Great entry.


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