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You want to do what?!?

Posted by on June 15, 2009

My husband is notorious for his crazy ideas-it’s what I love about him. Nothing is out of his reach or impossible. For me, everything is impossible, so I admire his ambition and courage and I have had some amazing adventures because of him. That being said, every now and then I have to seriously question some of these ideas. Is quitting our jobs and moving to South America a good idea when we’ve never been there? Is buying a farm in southwestern Virginia wise when we know nothing about farming? These are just a sample of questions I have asked on numerous occasions in the last few years. So, you can imagine my response when Chris said, “Hey! Let’s sell all of our belongings, buy an Airstream, and live on the road!” Of course, I did my typical response of, “You’ve truly lost your mind this time, Pokrana” because we had never been in an Airstream nor do we know anything about RV living. His Airstream idea seemed immature, crazy, impractical, and surprisingly, irresistible. While I had fears, the excitement of it all buried those fears quickly and I was onboard with this idea. Approximately 160 sq. ft. of aluminum bliss and the country as my backyard…who wouldn’t go for that idea?

The idea started in January. By April, we were the proud owners of a 2008 Airstream International CCD 23’. By the end of May, we had sold the majority of our belongings and had put the rest in a storage unit. During these few months, our family and friends asked the same questions: I’ll take a moment to answer each briefly:

Why not? Chris has the great opportunity to work from anywhere (providing there is internet). He travels a lot for work so I might as well be with him, right? It seems like a good time in our lives, especially since I just finished graduate school and we recently sold our home. Lastly, we crave adventure and the open road.

For how long?
Indefinitely, I suppose. Or, at least until we get tired of this lifestyle.

When will you ever settle down and have children?
Hmmm….eventually. Don’t worry!

What about your dogs?
They like a good adventure and will be joining us. (If Buddy’s barking gets us kicked out of campgrounds, we may have a dog up for adoption.)

Have you lost your minds?
To some, probably. To us, not yet. But, living in this small space may take us down that path. Only time will tell.

On June 1, 2009, after a whirlwind five months, we departed Blacksburg, Virginia and set off for our new adventure. Since I am late starting this, here’s the summary to date:

  • June 1- 4 – Stayed with my parents at their home in Villa Rica, GA. While Chris worked out of his Atlanta office, I went to Six Flags with my mom and nephew and rode all of my favorite childhood rides. It was a blast!
  • June 4-6 – Headed down to Florida to establish residency but just barely. Here’s a shout out to the kind DMV folks in Marianna, FL who stayed late on a Friday to process the drivers’ licenses. My stupidity caused us to walk into their office at 4:56 p.m.  While in Florida, we stayed at Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, FL, which had clean facilities and nice campsites. As novice RV owners, we encountered a few embarrassing moments but our camp host kindly answered our questions. When water is not coming out of the city water pump, pull the lever up harder. Who knew?
  • June 6 – Drove to Beaumont, TX and “boondocked” at a Cracker Barrel. Along the route, we made a worthwhile stop at Coffee Call in Baton Rouge, LA for beignets and iced coffee.
  • June 7-13 – Drove to Canyon Lake, TX and have stayed at Potters Creek Park for the week so Chris could work. The week has been incredibly hot with temperatures in the high 90s. Highlights of the week include a great night out with friends in San Antonio and a relaxing kayak trip around Canyon Lake. The campground is clean and spacious and offers a beautiful view of the lake. The challenging part has been the distance from any stores, laundry, etc.

So, there’s the trip so far. We continue to learn new things about RV living daily, if not hourly.   Stay tuned!

12 Responses to You want to do what?!?

  1. Kim

    Ok…so FINALLY a BLOG :O) Now remember I have FIRST dibs on BUDDY …

    Love you …oh ……and you ARE NOT crazy :O)

  2. Beth

    Wahooo!!! Let the blogging begin!

  3. Mom

    Your blog is great – you may be a novice but you are handy with your computer and your thoughts! Aluminum Bliss is going to be such fun…

    Love you and that dreamer husband of yours…

  4. Uncle Bill

    Looking forward to keeping up with your
    adventures – I am sure you will share the
    good, bad and the ugly. Good Luck and
    stay safe!!!!!!

  5. Andrew

    Great start to the adventure and the blog. Be sure to let everyone at the office know about the blog. Am already tired of people asking me “where is Chris today?” See you in San Francisco.

  6. tymm

    Nice to find you guys online – we’ll be watching – stay safe out there!

  7. Bonnie & Steve Gibons

    Lani and Chris,
    We are also nomads at heart and just finished our adventure in the Canadian Rockies in our Chrome Twinkie! No place I’d rather be than on the road.

  8. Sanaa

    …you guys are an inspiration :-)

    Happy and safe travels.

  9. Aunt Georga

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I am envious. I am enjoying your blog and love the pictures.

  10. Dismayed

    Fun blog. Keep writing!

  11. Everett

    I just re-read this post. I had to laugh at the settle down and have children part. :-P

    You two both seem like the kind of people who can do anything you put your mind to. A lot of it just comes down to having guts, and you certainly have your share of that.

    Check back with us in a year. If we’re still chugging along then that should prove anyone can do it. We know NOTHING other than what we’ve read in books and experienced over the last year on very, very small scales. So if we can do it, anyone can!

    I’m happy to play property-scout for you in Carroll county. Let me know if you need me to check out any property in person. We’d love to have some more great neighbors!

  12. Lani

    We really look forward to hearing about your experiences. You two are so inspiring! Chris and I couldn’t stop talking about the farm dream after we left your property!

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